Aw jeez, black roboss zipper hoodie… I just bought a hoodie!


Dear Woot,
Not all of us live in the warm climate of Texas. Please make more hoodies available?



Man, I need to replace my Ro-Boss hoodie. It disappeared when I moved a couple of months ago, now here it is again, ready for me to buy…


Oh man, I’ve been hoping you’d bring back the “The Discovery of Fire” in zip hoodie form. So close!

A big thank you to Radiomode for the first Woot shirt I ever bought, “Friends Are Forever” (Sept. 17, 2008!) You effectively started me down my path of switching my entire wardrobe over to Woot shirts, and spending hundreds of dollars on T-Shirts! PS: My wife wants to punch you in the face for this!

In the World of Black and White?

Mine, all mine! In a moment of exuberance I’ve bought three. (T-shirts do wear out eventually, right?)

Thanks so much for making this one available again, I’ve wanted it forever.

(and hey, Ro-Boss was the first Woot shirt I ever bought.)

I don’t even understand the shirt. I like it aesthetically, but is there a reference I’m missing?

I’ve been trying to buy Noted in the back catalog for the past few days. Haha, I can by-pass that craziness now.