Radog Pinot Noir - 3 Pack

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C’mon W.W. Just because this was the most controversial thread last time around doesn’t mean it is worth buying again. Throw some Kronos at us already! If I’m going to buy anything I want to go BIG.

$28.00 on the website

NightGhost, how much screen real estate are you working with? You post so much info in such a short time for everything! Just curious.

CT ratings say its okay at $15 per bottle…


How was this stuff?

Ortman!! Please!!!

I feel like Night Ghost is a professional researcher.

Iron Horse Please

Anyone considering this wine, or anyone who simply enjoys some interesting detective work, might want to check out the thread from the previous woot! of this wine: http://wine.woot.com/forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=3773953&PageIndex=1&ReplyCount=275


Eh… just got my 5 bottles of Woot Cellars Pinot today. (As well as 6 bottles.) I am going to have to go with whites. Hope they offer the Albino Rhino again, my mom loves the stuff!

Okay. I read the comments from the last woot, and I read the CT comments. The impression I get is that this is a pleasant wine, but nothing special. Is it an $18/bottle Pinot, and does that mean it’s a lot better than what I’ll get at my local Costco or Trader Joe’s?

Anyone willing to summarize the previous woot contraversy? Would appreciate it, given this is a woot-off and all.

Can anyone compare this to the Black Pine?

I’m not really a “pinot guy” and trend more to cabs and petite sirah. I did NOT like the Rasmussen 1001.

I found the Black Pine quite good and have really enjoyed it with grilled salmon.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

Not really, just go and look at the old thread. Thing us, it’s a pretty decent budget Pinot. Fresh fruit, hint of earth. A bit heavier and more complex than the 1001, but costs $5 more a bottle at woot prices so ut should be. Tasty, interesting light medium one. Not like KR or roessler but decent.

His premium wine is Tudor which people here go googly about. He’s just a bit of a self-trumpetting blowhard. Worth a buy if you’re short of decent cheap pinot, but I now save my money for KR.

Qualitywise i’d say this is in the same ballpark as the Black Pine. Mind you I liked the black pine a bit more, as it’s a bit juicier/ brighter with the earth, but that’s personal pref. This is central coast so a bit different, but about the same quality.

I has all the makings of a good mystery/suspense and then mix in a lame reality show and you have it in a nutshell. Props go out to the wine.woot community for the investigative work.

EDIT: filters caught me on that one!

I read the last 3 pages of comments. The main issue seemed to be that the woot price was higher than a discount price posted on the winery website, which was taken down as soon as someone noticed, so people complained about price gouging. I think there was also some skepticism about some self-rankings, where the winery gave ALL of his own wines ratings of 5/5, and 75 of his competitors rankings or 0.5/5. By the end, it didn’t seem that the controversy was about the wine itself, but rather whether the winemaker was otherwise an ethical person one would want to deal with. If such matters don’t occur to you when you go to the local store, they’re probably not important here.