Radog Pinot Noir Three - Pack

Radog Pinot Noir Three - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
3 2007 Radog Pinot Noir

CT link above.

Winery website

Thewinespies sold the 2006 last year.

How does this compare to Moobuzz? About the same price range.

$28 a bottle on the winery site, plus shipping… Not a bad deal woot!

Nothing on CT… but the price is right!!

This is about the best info I could find on Radog:


I’m still on the fence. Moobuzz is rocking my night… :wink:

Wine Spectator gave the 2007 Pinot Noir vintage for the overall Monterey appellation a 97 rating, adding “Grand year. Ideal growing season produced ripe, complex, balanced wines from all regions.”

OK. Looks nice, but can we get something beside Pinots. Are there no Malbecs, Sangiovese, Chiante, Barberas…?

Sorry, it’s under Reviews. One of the actual reviewers, not shills or detractors, wrote:

Is this the type of wine I can keep for a few years at home and it will continue to age well?

What do you have against Pinot Noir? I’m really liking this grape this week. :slight_smile:

Seriously not enough pinot in this apartment… nferone.

Your right, I’m a Malbec fan, they are inexpensive and the majority I have tasted are well rounded. I have not seen any good quality malbecs on woot unless I misse the woot-off.

This is probably a product of the fact that there just aren’t that many Cali wineries bottling a Malbec. There’s just not as much juice as compared to, well, pinot noir for instance, available to WD.

Drinking window now-2012.

Well chiante is made from sangiovese. We had a malbec in the L&L offering on 1-18 and then we had the Stolpman sangiovese on 1-25. Barbera has been a while but there have been 2 of the varietals you are looking for in recent offerings.

According to the other WS link above, this is from the same people as the people that brought us the Tudor wines. Anybody here had one of those and care to share about the style?

My first woot was the Tudor Pino here, but I did not keep a tasting note. I just remember that I really enjoyed those bottles!

Tried searching on Snooth for this one. Found an account belonging to Tudor, presumably Dan Tudor, Radog’s owner.
Dan Tudor’sSnooth profile
Interesting account - Dan has rated 97 wines on snooth.
The breakdown is like this - Of those 97 wines, Dan has given 22 a perfect five stars. Every one of them is made by Radog or Tudor, presumably both owned by him.
5 star wines, according to D. Tudor
Every remaining wine that he has reviewed, 75 of them in fact, he has rated at 0.5 stars.
0.5 star wines, according to D. Tudor

This latter group is comprised entirely of wines produced by ‘Tangent’ and ‘Baileyana’ wineries.

I wouldn’t mind trying this woot, but have a hard time giving money to support poor sportsmanship.