Radog Pinot Noir Three - Pack

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Radog Pinot Noir Three - Pack - $49.99 + $5 shipping

3 * 2007 Radog Pinot Noir

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Woot!!! This is among my favorite Pinot Noirs ever! Dan makes awesome wines. I’m in for at least three! If you like perfectly balanced earthy Central CA Pinot you MUST get some raddog!!

Can I triple my in for three three packs please? :slight_smile:

Radog Pinot Noir Three - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 3 2007 Radog Pinot Noir
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Previous offer:

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I almost want to buy this for the description, but I just don’t need three bottles of Pinot Noir right now. I’ve got two already racked, and I really shouldn’t overstock that badly.

Wow the last time this was offered…the discussion was off the charts. I wish there were more reviews to reaffirm the winemakers position.

thought about it, but the CT comments are not great

also have 8 bottles of Kent’s 1001 sitting


Have you drank any of that 1995 Burgess in your cellar? I have two bottles sitting in mine myself. Waiting for something special to open one up.

Not directed at me - be I popped one, and it was sadly corked. I’ve still got two left, with hopefully better results (gifted one too - then had to warn them later it might not be good).

I’m a little hesitant to open the others now, because of all the good reviews, I have such high hopes.

You can never have too much Pinot!

My first wine woot purchase was the Tudor two pack. The Radog is their second label, and based on how awesome the Tudor was, this is an easy buy for me.

The majority of grapes for this wine are sourced from the Santa Lucia Highlands, which is one of my favorite California Pinot appellations.

This is the woot off option I’ve been waiting for.

Oh crap that’s unfortunate! Did you contact the seller about it? Same here… the hype is so high I feel like it can’t live up to it.

I made a mistake only grabbing two bottles though seeing how it sounds like it can cellar a few more years even. Especially at $22 a bottle!

OK, so, while we’re wandering, sincere semi-n00b question. (I don’t know what I like, but I know what I don’t like, and I know what I have liked. :))

What flavors will let me know a wine is corked, and that that’s the reason I don’t like it?

And does one bottle being corked affect the odds of the others?

I like how it was revealed in the previous offering that Tutor was “ballot stuffing” on Snooth. Charges were refuted like crazy, but the questionable ratings continue.


“There’s no ballot stuffing here…” Feb 4th

20+ reviews of Baileyana wine since then, all 0.5/5.


Edit: I didn’t see them all, even more bogus votes than I thought.

Well, our palates may not jibe, but Tudor does on his sailboard. Raddog is head and shoulders above the perfectly adequate one thousand one. Only a very few Pinots surpass this, and most of those are Tudor’s name label. Same grapes! And none in this price range. If I had to pick only one wine for the rest of my drinking days, and I had to pay for it, this would be the wine.

FWIW, I’m the one who called Dan out on his stuffing his own ballot box, but after taking him up on his offer to buy dinner for any wooters who came out for his party I have to tell y’all, Dan is a good guy and his wines are even better. Maybe if he’s still around he can fill you in on more winery details. All I know is this stuff rocks and is reasonably priced here.

Ah, the infamous Radog!

A really really really light-bodied Pinot but sometimes, especially as the weather gets warmer, that’s not a bad thing at all.

I much prefer full-bodied reds, but the boss likes 'em light and anything that’ll promote more drinking on the job is fine by me.

In for 1.

Does anyone else have any feedback on the radog? I have enjoyed the tudor wines but haven’t had a chance to try the radog yet.

Every day is special, carpe diem. Never need an occasion or excuse to enjoy good wine. Who know what tomorrow will bring. Leave one for that occasion, enjoy the rest now.

I’m confused is this your tasting notes on cellar tracker?

Tasted by ckeilah on 2/23/2010 & rated 85 points: Nice. Earthy aromas. A little tight but opens right up through the vinturi. Fruit comes out too. Nothing spectacular but nice. (533 views)

here’s a link to the comments from when the deal was up on feb 3rd.

i’ve been reading through those to see what people thought of it.

I bought this when it was offered in February and I’ll agree, it was very light-bodied in taste. Unfortunately, a little too light for me. I still thought it was decent.