Radog Pinot Noir Three - Pack

Yep. Thats not how i remember it though. I guess I’ll have to pop another one tonight. Was gonna have an Iron Horse though. Can’t get more Horse. Have 2 cases of Raddog coming now. :smiley:

I had a bottle of this when I was up in Santa Ynez earlier this year. I really liked this wine, so I’m definitely in.

I loved the Tudor and I ordered the Radog on the prior offering. The Radog was not as rich or velvety to me, but I loved it at this price point and I just ordered 3 more. Like someone else commented, it is much better than the 1001 which i have and have ordered again and is also an excellent value.

Sorry but thats a little different than thats the wine i will spend the rest of my life with.


I agree. But once I knew what to expect, it grew on me. The fruit is bright and fresh and I’ve shared the bottles with friends who are a bit more wine-shy. But when I’m drinking on my own, I want a full-bodied Syrah or a Rhone blend.

I purchased the last time it was offered and popped one the night it arrive. Very nice pinot noir. Light body, red fruit aromas, balanced in the mouth, very pleasant finish.

I just bought again…

wow. i just read through 5 pages of comments from the last time this deal was offered, and there are lots of interesting comments.

Since y’all are checking up on me you’ve undoubtedly noticed that I’m relatively new to serious wine tasting. Palates change. Knowledge increases. Etc. Since that tasting note I’ve been through probably over a dozen appellations (physically! Scores by drinking) and discovered the Pinots I !really! like.

To be fair, I guess we’ll all know how my palate has changed in about 15 min. Raddog re-tasting notes in about 30min. If I can grill and post simultaneously.

I’m much of a n00b too, technically I guess my problem was Brettanomyces gone-wild. All I could smell or taste was a box of band-aides - which I had read about before. Anyhow, this page may help a bit in understanding what problems can occur…

“Smell of barnyards, fecal and gamey horse aromas”? Wow. I’m never gonna name my kid Brett.

Ironically just opened a bottle last night from the last woot offering. It’s a little lighter than what I normally like but definitely some good red fruit. Just can’t decide if I should get another or wait and hope for something better.

No worries I have completely changed on what I think of some wines to in particular “Stags Leap Cab” hated it then grew up and loved it! You made that comment about the winemaker taking you out for dinner and I thought “that must have been some dinner” :wink:

And I am not checking up on you I just like to use the internet to it’s fullest!


I want to be clear - my bottle isn’t in reference to the Radog offer. Completely separate items - and since it’s off topic, I’ll drop it now.

Are you trying to start another controversial thread? I looked back at the original thread and it was “aenik” who made the first post about ballot stuff. Seems like your memory needs a boost? Or are you also aenik? Bipolar?

in for another one, ordered in February and only popped one so far. Not as rich as tudor but still one of my tops. Too bad Im sipping on Haven right now or I would pop another.

Okay, re-tasted right NOW

It’s a light Pinot Noir, nothing huge about it.

Light ruby red color, just hinting at some brick around the edges.

Light aromas of white mushrooms with just a hint of berry.

The berry comes out more in the mouth, while the mushrooms remain about the same.

It’s well balanced all around, and as others have said, it’s a LIGHT Pinot Noir, no BOMB of any kind going on here. It’s a great little Pinot and I expect it will make the grilled ribeye that awaits all the better.

Is this an “eyes roll back in the head” wine? NO! That would be Papapietro Perry. But at 1/5 the price, I could live with this as my only wine. I can’t afford PPP777 as a daily drinker.

Sorry if I confused the issue here. I hope my info has been of help to some of y’all. Personally, I’ll be happy with my 9x2 order, but I don’t really need 9x3. I don’t think this has the structure to hold up for more than a few years. I’ll be drinking it now and enjoying it.

I’ll have to revisit Tudor’s name pinots, as I remember them being exceptionally good, his specific vineyard ones most excellent.

If you’re gonna quote me then please quote me correctly. This is one wine I could be happy with. If I have to pay the tab, this is my choice. If YOU are buying, I have a short list of $100/bottle wines I’d be happy for you to fill my cellar with. :wink:

Tasted by ckeilah on 2/23/2010 & rated 85 points: Nice. Earthy aromas. A little tight but opens right up through the vinturi. Fruit comes out too. Nothing spectacular but nice.


If I had to pick only one wine for the rest of my drinking days, and I had to pay for it, this would be the wine

Since that tasting note I’ve been through probably over a dozen appellations (physically! Scores by drinking

Here are you quotes hence my confusion, and I am jealous a dozen appellations in just over two months.


This wine does not deserve any controversy! By and large my favorite of all wine.woots so far. I’m in for 3 and anyone on the fence should give this a try. I have been waiting for this to come back up and am so glad its here again. I can sleep in peace knowing I won’t miss this through the night.

Ok then, in for 2. I suspect I wouldd prefer the Tudw wines, but I’m urious to compare it to Kent’s stuff once I try that too. I’ve been buying but abroad too much to drink.

anyone care to list their top woot pinots?

I missed the Cathedral city last night as I fell asleep mudway through, or I might have bought that.