Radog Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling

Radog Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling
$89.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 12 2007 Radog Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands
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Previous offer:

$8/btl shipped seems pretty hard to beat…

Any tasting notes from those who bought this in January?

Well, now, that’s a LOT of riesling… Huh. I wonder if this will be one of those deals that’s sold out before I get up in the morning?

[Edit: Haha, just saw Mark’s comment and realized no one had even made a purchase when I originally commented.

Was this sampled by woot staff? Is it past its prime?

I’d be in if it was just a bottle or two. Why does the offer have to be a whole case?

If anyone in the Minneapolis, MN metro wants to split this please message me. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

AGED Riesling to boot! The question is whether this one at the end of its drinking window or not? This varietal can go a very long time if it’s made right…

Very tempted! Hoping for more answers before the inevitable sell out by noon;-)

CJ must be busy this week:

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Greetings Wine Wooters! It’s great to be back in the woot zone. This is the mother of all Riesling deals. There’s not a lot remaining of this luscious nectar from SLH and it’s drinking incredibly right now. Happy to answer any questions ; ) Cheers! Dan, Winemaker for Radog

Yet no one has pushed the button … :wink:

Probably because everyone spent way too much on the Wine Woot Off. Yes, that’s it. :tongue:


It’s been asked already, but how much longer are these drinkable in your opinion?

Radog Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling
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And we have our first victim … err, First Sucker … err, first Winner!! Yes, First Winner!!! :wink:

Good question. It can easily keep ageing a few more years with 2% RS and crisp acidity. However, I would drink it all between now and Thanksgiving. What’s that a couple bottles a month? Goes amazing with Thai dishes ; )

B(aby)IWBM. I feel like Corrado. :tongue:

would love to split a case with someone in the akron/kent, oh area :slight_smile:

Shucks guys I honestly have no notes that could really help. All I can say is it was really good and everyone who drank it thoroughly enjoyed it.

So lets just say it’s good enough to make someone like me (wine noob) consider dropping almost 100 dollars on a single kind of wine filling up the rest of my empty space on my rack.

Anyone in SLO/Pismo want to split a case?

I’m in the I spent too much on the woot off, and have no money or space, too bad, because I would like this one, anyone in Oregon (Eugene area) want to split one?

Is this dry, medium dry, or medium sweet?