Radog Santa Lucia Riesling (3)

$90 for 3 bottles seems way off. community price average on CT is $10 per bottle not the $30 per bottle in this woot off. I think something is wrong with the pricing here…

I believe $89.99 was the case price the last couple times this was up. Likely a typo.

Previously offered as a full case for the same price.

I liked this wine- not interesting, not complex, not sweet, not dry and
was WAY too easy to drink.
I REALLY liked the previous price …for this price- NFW.
I eagerly await a change in the offering …

Gotta be an error here, these are in the cellar @$10 each from WW.

Not only the price issue (hopefully error), but when it was offered as a case on
4/30/12 questions were asked about drinking window and the winemaker replied that it could age for a few more years but he suggested that it be drank before Thanksgiving. Of 2012. Could be over the hill.

A bargain at thrice the price? Me thinks not.

Edit: OK, it’s actually 4x the price.
Math + No coffee = Bad answer

Apr 30, 2012 12:16 AM


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wordek wrote:AGED Riesling to boot! The question is whether this one at the end of its drinking window or not? This varietal can go a very long time if it’s made right…

Very tempted! Hoping for more answers before the inevitable sell out by noon;-)

Dan’s response was:

Good question. It can easily keep ageing a few more years with 2% RS and crisp acidity. However, I would drink it all between now and Thanksgiving. What’s that a couple bottles a month? Goes amazing with Thai dishes ; )

hey woot! c’mon! this has been sitting here stagnating for a while now. either fix the price or move it off the woot off…

While we wait for woot to get their act together, there is a great Amarone deal over at Til Sold Out.

Not only that, but there is no sales specs so we can’t determine where they will ship to. Still looking at when Louisiana will be added to shipable states…

Info is on the spec page: California, Colorado, Connecticut, District Of Columbia, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Wyoming

No Louisiana…

and now- sold out…

…with no purchases…