Radog Santa Lucia Riesling (3)

Radog Santa Lucia Highlands 2007 Riesling 3-Pack
2007 Radog Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands

Nice bottle last time I pulled a cork.
Also a nice bump from the $8 I paid last time I purchased a bottle.

sweet or dry?

That price was by the case though, no?

Nice way to try it without having to commit to a 12 pack.

Crisp, with just a touch of sweet.

Yes, case purchase April of '12, $90 + $5, tax included. Lot’s of good winery comments in that thread.

I don’t know when Minnesota was taken off the list for receiving wine, but this is really getting old. This Woot Off has been a horrible tease for me, but I am saving a lot of money!

You know what never gets old? People telling us that woot won’t ship to their state. It would be cool if that could be half of the comments for the past two months.

Oh wait…

It’d be nice if they just had a list of places they won’t ship to. Kind of stinks to go try to buy more wine and find out that you used to, but can’t anymore