RadUSA Radical Pan 8.5, 10", 12" 3-Piece Set

RadUSA Radical Pan 8.5, 10", 12" 3-Piece Set

Aluminum pans that you can use on induction stovetop? RAD!

Hang on a minute!! A handle that you can grasp with EITHER your left OR your right hand?? Will wonders never cease!!


Looks a little gimmicky to me. The first pictures had me wondering why someone would design a pan to look like a bedpan. I’d expect the raised lip to work better if it curved slightly more back towards the center of the pan. The bottom design looks very similar to that of some T-Fal pans.

From the RadUSA website. Limited lifetime warranty. Return the pan to us if it develops any problems in its 5 year lifetime. (A 5 year lifetime is a pretty standard guideline for standard nonstick pans due to deterioration of the nonstick coating due to scratching and heat.)

From a review on gadgeteer, https://the-gadgeteer.com/2020/01/02/radusa-radical-pan-review/. He liked the 10" pan, but noted it scuffed up his glass smoothtop cooking surface. He also said the instructions say not to cook on higher than medium heat. He also mentioned a warning about offgassing from the nonstick surface if pan is heated to too high a temperature. Finally, he said there was a warning about possible exposure hazard for pet birds. (They over market this pan for use in high temperature cooking.)


That is very odd, not sure if a typo? Induction would require a ferrous metal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Glad I’m not the only one who thought it looks like a bedpan. And as much as I try not to judge, I can’t help but judge this here pan with training wheels… I guess if you need it for practice. But just don’t try and put on a show with this bad boy like you’re a Benihana chef.

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Hard anodize aluminum? Offgassing non-stick surface? I’m convinced! Put me down for NONE!


Seems awfully expensive for a set of gimmick pans. You can buy well known brands for half the price from the mothership. Spending a lot of money on non stick pans makes no sense anyway since they all are going to need to be thrown away in 5 to 7 years if used regularly.

Let me see

  1. 3 pans–$150
  2. Aluminum that magically is induction compatible
  3. A “safe” non-stick coating that still carries health warnings
  4. A warning about using Medium heat at highest, but “500F” rating
  5. 3 fry pans that you can’t put a lid on

The only “Radical” here is the radical drain of money for a dubious product


These billionaire, millionaire, whatsoever-aire RADICAL businesses tryna rob our hard earned pennies RADICALLY with such DUBIOUS products. Only a person with depressed state of mind, A LOT of money and no ability to think would buy these.

Thanks Woot, but next please!!! :yawning_face:

These are hilarious. The shape is bizare, handles that are either right or left-handed, new induction use of aluminium (for the Brits). Now I have to say that hard anodized aluminum is a good metal to use for cooking, if the pans are quite thick.

“3 fry pans that you can’t put a lid on”

My first thought too!

But hey they’re radical, they’re hipsters “disrupting” the industry, man!

IT DOUBLES AS A BEDPAN! You know, for the apocalypse!

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Will these work with my Zune?


Where are induction cooktops most common? Are they a regional thing? In houses vs apartments?

Also, are they mainly for consumers or are they also used in commercial or restaurant settings?

Seems darn expensive.

I just go to TJ MAXX when I need a new pan. Nothing I have matches, but you can’t beat the prices.


$50 a pan and the first time someone forgets to not use metal utensils they’re trash. And the no-lid thing hadn’t even occurred to me till I read these comments. Why would someone pay so much for these? I probably wouldn’t keep them if they were given to me. (Not exaggerating, I have a tiny kitchen.)

Induction is big in Europe and caching on in the US. I have induction because I can’t get gas to my house for a range unless I want an ugly tank outside the house. Induction heats faster than electric and responds more like gas. But personally, I miss cooking with gas. But this is much better than electric.

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You couldn’t pay me to have these pants. Pure garbage

Be Cool, Be Rad. XD