RadUSA Radical Pan 8.5, 10", 12" 3-Piece Set

Offgassing from non-stick pans killing birds is definitely a thing. I have a friend who raises chickens and she lost 6 of 7 chicks that were in the next room when she cooked with a sorta-new non-stick pan recently. Kinda makes you wonder what it’s doing to us? hmmm I guess use that vent hood on high all the time.

I never cook over medium heat with coated non-stick pans. It just ruins them. That’s pretty much universal.

If you can’t be bothered to make a few messes learning how to flip, you’re not having enough fun. Hard pass on these.

Thanks for pointing out the lid issue.

I am not even a fan of pet birds and I feel awful that someone’s canary would die because they were cooking with these.