Rain Bird Controller and Pop-up Spray Heads

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Rain Bird Controller and Pop-up Spray Heads
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Spent around 5 years working in irrigation sales. Rainbird products are some of the more expensive in comparison but also some of the most newbie friendly. They stand behind their products, and even though they’re not really the best in the game they are great higher end sprinklers.

Hmm, I have a small yard and hate watering. I’d like to pull the trigger but I’m guessing there’s a thousand dollars worth of extra labor and pipes that will need to be installed.

But I Wants eet.

I always wondered if Rainbird equipment was worth a flip.

Your expert opinion helped me make a decision: thanks nosepress!

Yeah, I’m kind of curious about that as well. Also, I want to verify that this comes with 40 nozzles / pop up sprinklers?

So this is all you’d need to set up in your yard?

I am quite certain it comes with:

(20) Rainbird 15’ VAN Spray Nozzle
(20) Rainbird 1804r Pop-up Spray Head Sprinklers

Here are sprinkler head info on Rainbird:

I believe this is just the key components. You will certainly need a LOT of tubing, valves for each zone you want, and back flow limiters.

You may also need different types of Spray heads if you want to customize your system more.

Sprinklerwarehouse.com sells this same controller (indoor version) setup for $106.42 (incld shipping) and they ship the same day you order!

Links below…

If your yard is small, you can do it yourself. I have a large backyard and did my own in-ground irrigation system in a weekend. The hardest part, of course, is the digging. I rented a trecher from Home Depot and it cut through my hard dirt like a hot knife through butter. You can find videos on YouTube for guidance, but I would recommend getting a professional to install a backflow preventer, which is almost certainly part of your municipality’s code. Also, check your local codes for what kind of PVC pipe to use, most likely Schedule 40.

I can vouch for these guys. I bought almost everything for my DIY sprinker system through them.

So, you’re still lower (and I’ll pass it along)- but only by a little bit:

I’ll let y’all know when I hear back from our buyers.

EDIT: we’ve lowered the price to $97.99, everyone who already bought will be contacted by CS later today confirming a refund of the difference.

This looks like the indoor model. the one on woot is outdoor.

By “Key components”, (of course its too late now as I already pulled the trigger), does it come with just the heads? or does in come with the complete “sprinkler” unit… going to be a sad waste of money if I get a kit with only the heads and have to buy the actual units they go on… of course, you would have to buy them anyway if you want a sprinkler system… Heres to praying I only have to buy piping and hookup accessories and nothing “sprinkler” related.

I’m new to sprinkler hardware, but the impression I have is that the spray head is the base component (that connects to the tubing) and the nozzle is the variable top portion. This kit has 20 of each, essentially providing 20 complete irrigation points.

Moving to a new home in June and will probably pull the trigger on this. Any further advice from experienced installers is welcome.

Indeed. The outdoor model with the additional parts is $108.48 + shipping over there. So, it was cheaper here to begin with. But, hey, who’s gonna complain? :slight_smile:

Oops - there are only 20 sprayer heads and 20 nozzles.
These are the nozzles:

The sprinkler heads are:

The heads “hopefully” are the “full circle” that can be adjusted to the needed pattern to water the section of yard.

With 4-zones, you can install up to 8 heads per zone. (my current 1+ acre yard has 7-zones with 8 cans per zone and I pump out about 100 gallons per minute per zone - man it gets expensive to grow grass)

So if I just want to water my flower beds will this work> they only need to spray about 3-4 feet to cover the area