Rain Dance


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Bought one.
Hope to see a sellout. =)

Really nice design.

Like this shirt, but after that write-up, all I can see are little slug-shaped water droplets looking up her skirt.

Grats on the print, Loopie. I happily purchased one.
I’m afraid I’m going to end up with all three derby shirts this weekend.

tiny dancers :slight_smile:

It looks like bugs having sex. I may just have to buy one.

I’ve never bought a shirt from here, but I really like this one. How’s the quality? Thick material? Do they hold up under frequent washing?

Ha. As I was in the process of buying a beautiful “raindrop dancers” shirt for my daughter, my wife walked in and said “it looks like they’re copulating”.

While I guess you see what you want to see… sadly I now just can’t see buying it for my 7 year old daughter. :slight_smile:

Oh well. She has a full closet of shirt.woot anyway. :slight_smile:

Congratulations all the same. A lovely and creative design.

They’re American Apparel shirts, so quality is pretty good. If anything is wrong with your shirt, just email service@woot.com and they’ll fix it for you.

pretty good, not as hardy as some. But for the price, yeah, they’re decent.

material is not thick, but they do seem to hold well

Not sure if people know this, but rain dances go back before Native American’s all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Bu they’re not entirely gone yet. In fact, Romania and Slavic places still have them (referred to as Perperuna in Slavic places). So before you go writing this shirt off, keep in mind that it’s still relevant.

Is this supposed to be a guy dancing with a woman (who looks like a ballerina on the right side) or three consecutive bodies going towards the right?

Does woot make all these shirts or get them from somewhere?

I for one loved this design, voted for this design, and bought this shirt! (And I personally liked this one better than the robot one!)

Does anyone else have a problem with the asphalt color turning a vibrant rust color in the armpits?

Well, cripes! I finally found a link to get in here. Honestly, it wasn’t showing up for the first 33 minutes - I truly DID search for it, particularly in the “Join The Discussion” area but nothing was there or changed visual state (except the underlining of the “title bar” when I moused over it. I don’t mind them mucking around with the page format, BUT if things aren’t going to work right it is just plain frustrating.

OK - now to get down to business. I have already purchased one of these - it was definitely (if you’ll pardon the allusion) love at first sight.

I’m excessively fond of partner-touch-dancing and this is simply a beautiful image of it. Furthermore, there seem to be other images within images within… well, you get my point. Really a gorgeous design, this one is.

Oh - I’ve been unpacking my multiplicity of 90 quart boxes of shirts given that my now ex-whatever-she-was has proven herself exceptionally gifted at throwing a book at my crotch (nothing like two days of pain…) and found that I’ve got a woot! t-shirt. I guess it comes from before shirt.woot! - I don’t remember them handing out anything except for perhaps that two-fer several days ago (and apparently some time before that). I have, unfortunately, never liked the shirt.woot! anniversary design: perhaps they should either put it out as a topic for designers to compete on, or just come up with their own that would be, say, a side-side-deal. Or something.