Rain, Rain, Go Away

Should’ve waited for the humidity to die down before putting up the wallpaper, guy.

Too bad glue doesn’t last long on wet surfaces.

Reminds me of Banksy street art.

WINNER WINNER!!! I’m so glad this printed instead of having to wait for the 60 day hold and waiting for another place to snatch it up. May this sell out today and stay a long time on the reckoning list!

It also vaguely reminds me of Morton Salt.

I think it’s Christopher Robin. Or the Man with the Yellow Hat.

this looks exactly like a fullbleed shirt.



Looks like Seattle.

its the guy from curious george!!! but wheres george!?

Score 910 for whimsy (or windy). Nice.

How did the best all-around shirt in the fog win the derby? That never happens!

Don’t say it, fool! NO, don’t! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T SAY IT, WE NEED RAIN DAMMIT!

Damned droughts.

Anyone have a guess on how well those fine lines are going to show up when printed?

Yep, all you w00t transplants, better pick up this shirt, cause that’s what your in for.

And I know, I’ve been here 20 yrs. 8)

Also nice that it scored 910 and made first place on 9/10

Those lines are well within woot’s printing limits, otherwise they would have rejected the design. So don’t fret about that.

Great minds think alike eh?

Who do you think is operating the lift?