Rain, Rain, Go Away

Reminds me of the Banksy v Robbo street art war:

e: background: [link]http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/01/banksy-graffit-war.php[/link]

It’s true: there is actually lightning in my heart.

A cmdixon2 fan, I am. First Nightlife, now this. :smiley:

It looks exactly like Today in Seattle.

I’m seriously questioning reality now…

This dude is gonna get struck by lightning sometime, I mean, he’s sticking that metal broomish thingy straight up in the air! Maybe he’s wearing like rubber gloves that we can’t see, or something…

No kidding. CMDixon rains [sic] over derbies these days.

Edit: Woot, you missed out on the author bio.

Yay, I voted for this one!

You mean this one?

I wouldn’t use the word “exactly.” There isn’t even that much of a similarity.

So THATS where all the straight Tetris blocks went.

Wallpaper is NOT and effective means of hurricane protection!

It goes deeper than merely stopping the rain. Who does that guy in the yellow raincoat really work for? He’s really papering over a portal to an alternate world where something’s gone horribly wrong, a place they’d rather that we not know about. So they’re just gonna make it disappear into a sunny blue sky filled with fluffy clouds. Poof, just like that, it’s gone. Never existed.

Knock knock, Neo.

Well-deserved win!

I KNOW. Did that one guy finally get banned or something? I haven’t seen any “designs” from him or his concubine lately.

someone didn’t do a good job patching up the wall after the kool-aid man busted in…

He fogged last derby, so he still posts here. No one knows about what’s going on with his frequent collaborator - she hasn’t posted since Nomweb 10.

Nice! Bold move on the resub. Both looked good in my opinion, but it looks like it paid off.


I agree with KC - unless you mean the style does, and I guess in that sense - but that’s no more theirs than kawaii is, well, you know who’s.

Am I the only one that gets a “The Truman Show” feel from this design?

Here’s his website, where you can see all his other designs. I imagine several look quite familiar. http://chrisdixonmedia.com/

I’d say Chris is fast becoming my favorite designer here, but I think he’s already done it. He’s not tied to one specific style and his designs show a great deal of versatility. There’s a reason the guy keeps fogging and printing.

/walking infomercial