Rain Republic Chocolate Mixed 10-Pack



Rain Republic Chocolate Mixed 10-Pack
$29.99 (Normally $41.10) 27% off List Price
70% El Cadejo Dark Chocolate 2-Pack
41% Antigua Dark Milk infused with Coffee 2-Pack
41% Xocomil Dark Milk Chocolate 2-Pack
70% Mayan Fire Dark Chocolate & Smoky Chile 2-Pack
70% 13 Baktu’n Bold Dark Chocolate & Cardamom 2-Pack
Bars are 2oz each


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Woot’s goes Mobile! (Finally)


20 ounces of chocolate for $30? Gimme a break.


Mostly dark (not what I like) :frowning:


I’ve paid $13 for an 8.8 oz container of Droste cocoa powder which works out to approximately the same price per ounce as this. Now, maybe you don’t want to pay $1.5 per oz of chocolate, but that does not strike me as extremely out there when it comes to very high end chocolate. (I don’t have any experience with this chocolate so I can’t say if it is worth it)


Uh guys, I think you’re confused. Halloween was yesterday. candy is supposed to go down in price after halloween.


I don’t actually think $2.90 per bar is a bad price for good chocolate (I haven’t tasted these, so I don’t know how good they are). Here’s what I don’t understand, though: Woot is selling these for $29.99, allegedly 27% off a list price of $41.10. But if you go to the Rain Republic web site, this same ten-pack lists there for $29.00, 99 cents less than Woot’s price. And the $29.00 price there isn’t listed as a special price or a sale price; that appears to be the regular price.

[MOD: Don’t forget to add in shipping.]


I read through the entire thread from 1/20/12 and the quality posts from the other three offerings, and now I’m drooling!

Do the milk powders or coffee bean powder contain corn?


Yeah, what gives woot?


The shipping on the website is outrageous because the cheapest they offer is FedEx 2-Day. My total for one 10 pack was $46.XX.

Woot has been known to take credit for saving on shipping when the deal wasn’t that great. However, they use a list price with shipping, but advertise their savings without showing their own shipping. I think this is pretty shady.


The mixed bar pack on their website is NOT THE SAME MIX. Not exactly. Also, while listed in the store, it doesn’t actually seem to be available on the website. You can add it to a wish list, but not a cart.

Also, they’re still shipping only speed shipping with cold packs - so, yeah 22.94 shipping FedEx2day to TX (home of woot, as an example). - but that will probably change within the next month or so.

So: This offer is still a deal over the website. It also has a mix the website’s not offering. And, even when the website ships slower than 2-day, it’ll probably still cost more than 6.00 to ship from Guatemala. So the AMOUNT of savings may be off, but this is still definitely savings.


Don’t forget the shipping…It just keeps getting better!!!


Any chance this is kosher?


The deal, or the chocolate? :wink:


got this a few yrs back, gave it away, didn’t like at all.


I ordered their dark a year or two ago on a previous woot and was not impressed - flavor OK - melting point too high so had to chew it up. Green & Black I can often get for less than $3 a bar…


I’ll stick to my Freia and Marabou.


This is an excellent point. They need to either change the “List Price” to the actual cost of the product, or call it something else entirely. Calling it a “List Price” and then arbitrarily factoring in potential taxes, shipping charges, etc is so misleading, ESPECIALLY when their own “deal price” doesn’t factor in shipping. At best is disingenuous, at worst it is an out-and-out lie!

BTW, I’ve had this chocolate before. It is pretty darn good, but I’m going to have to pass on this deal based the above. Also, I love the new mobile site!


I ordered a similar mix pack about a year ago when it was offered on Woot. Most of the flavors were quite good (assuming you like dark chocolate), but the chili one was way too spicy to the point of being inedible. That one was “Spicy Chili Cobanero” while this is labeled “Smoky Chili” but it’s still Cobanero according to the ingredient list.

If they could replace the chili with the sea salt version in this mix, I would be in.