Rain Republic Guatemalan Chocolate 10-Bar Sample Pack

got some of these last time they were up, the chili is not good but the rest make up for it. unless you like choking on spices when eating choco

hmm… looks great for a nice gift!

Got this last time Woot! put it up. Good chocolate. 10 bars for $25 is a good price for quality chocolate. 2 of each bar, plenty to share…or hoard if you are that kind of person. Can’t entirely trust the label, though, said the Sea Salt infused bar had no sodium.

YES! Mom loves dark chocolate, and is otherwise impossible to buy for. In for one, and one more name checked off the list. Thanks Woot!

My wife liked the chili. Said it was on the heat level of G&B’s Mayan Gold. More than I like too, but that’s okay.

Purchased these the last time they were up. Very tasty chocolate, definitely the type of chocolate you allow to melt in your mouth in order to get the full feel, texture and flavour.

I investigate a little on what I’m buying from here before I pull the trigger (because I’m known to be a sucker), and I have to say it is very strange that the only mention of Rain Republic chocolate I can find on Google is a reference to this woot. Their own website is basically blank and copyrighted this year. It’s weird.

that is odd. however, I had some of the dark chocolate last night, and it’s very good. Leaving out milk solids and other worse additives makes it a clearer sort of taste, nd very good.

This is the same price as for 10 2oz bars of the dark chocolate… but you get a selection!

Rain Republic Guatemalan Chocolate 10-Bar Sample Pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
(2) 2 oz. Guatemalan 70% CaCao Dark Chocolate Triple Single Origin
(2) 2 oz. Guatemalan 70% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Spicy Chili Cobanero
(2) 2 oz. Guatemalan 70% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
(2) 2 oz. Guatemalan 41% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon
(2) 2 oz. Guatemalan 41% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cinnamon



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In for one, should pair well with some of the wines I’ve picked up here.

The website was redesigned recently, i’ve been checking it throughout this year waiting to see when they would be selling choco again (got some in late 2010) and it seems that they sell exclusively on woot. I’m at work now, so idk if their website appears how it would to most people, but it looks to be lacking in details and pictures the previous one had

Bought this last time, I gave away the last 6 bars, not impressed.

Yes, that’s what I’m seeing too (and I’m at home). I’m not trying to assume anything negative about the company, it’s just very strange to me that the only people on the Internet who seem to have tasted this chocolate found it on woot. There are no other references anywhere that I can see, even their FB page really only advertises when they’re selling on woot. Anybody know why? It says they’ve been around since 2005, but I can only find anything from 2010-present.

With that said, I’m still considering buying the chocolate based on the reviews here

Excellent gifts for someone you might otherwise give cash.

Dang. I’ve been waiting/hoping for this to show up and I missed it. This stuff is delicious and well worth the price.