Rain Republic Guatemalan Chocolate 10-Bar Sample Pack

Rain Republic Guatemalan Chocolate 10-Bar Sample Pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
2 2 oz. Guatemalan 70% CaCao Dark Chocolate Triple Single Origin
2 2 oz. Guatemalan 70% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Spicy Chili Cobanero
2 2 oz. Guatemalan 70% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
2 2 oz. Guatemalan 41% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon
2 2 oz. Guatemalan 41% CaCao Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cinnamon


Previous offers:

$3 for 2.2 ounces and 4 of them are only 41% cocoa

Ream-a-deem-deem, know what I mean?!?

Anyone tried these? How prominent is cinnamon - edible for someone who strongly prefers the dark chocolate flavor and isn’t crazy about cinnamon?

Hate it when wine.woot! switches to items often found half-opened in the food aisle at Marshall’s.

these are very, very good. take a look at the previous offer when the owner stopped by to chat. highly recommended.
the cinnamon is not overpowering, just a subtle flavor that you might not even pick out as cinnamon if you didn’t know it. the hot pepper is very hot and very delicious. my favorite is the sea salt, but I enjoyed them all.

No garlic or basil chocolate as I had previously requested, so my diet will remain in place.

Looks like the bars are $2.99 a piece at their website, for a total cost of $29.90 for 10 of them, with free shipping. http://rainrepublic.com/ The free shipping over there means you’re actually paying more at Woot if you only order 1. You’d have to order 2 or 3 to actually save on the price per unit.

Not very tasty…Had a “fart” like smell in chocolate. Ended up throwing them out, even kids wouldnt touch…

I’ve purchased these, the cinnamon/ almond was my favorite. That being said my wife didn’t like the cinnamon, she also isn’t crazy about cinnamon, and because the texture of the cinnamon gave the chocolate a somewhat abrasive texture. I don’t know how else to describe it other than a fine gritiness in otherwise smooth chocolate.

I don’t have any rack space for these.

Is it $5.00 shipping no matter how many you buy? Even for wine?

The offer they had last year with dark chocolate only was better.

This mix hasn’t been popular.

Ya I did, gave them away at work, not my cup of tea, now the Sea Salt Caramels if offered, I’m an automatic 3 buy.

I tried to buy 2, but it keeps changing my order back to one. I gave up.

Expensive != Better

The “best chocolate in the world” comes from Pennsylvania and it doesn’t cost over $1 and ounce.

Salty Choco is disgusting. Not as bad as bacon choco, now thats really revolting(luckily thats not in this pack). Trendy and different != delicious.

I bought these before Christmas for stocking stuffers and they are still with us, not being eaten. Spouse complained that the chocolate was almost waxy and he didn’t care for the texture.


Edit: Except in particular warmer summer months, shipping is $7.00 on wine, but that still applies no matter how many you buy.

Dark and Milk Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels – 2 lb. Box

this is the salted one’s I talked about, got on woot 2/21 was gone by 3/3