Rain Republic Guatemalan Chocolate 10 Pack + 1 Chile Cobanero Bar (Wine.Woot Exclusive)

Rain Republic Guatemalan Chocolate 10 Pack + 1 Chile Cobanero Bar (Wine.Woot Exclusive)
$24.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Chocolate
10 100% Natural 70% Cacao Guatemalan Chocolate Bars - 2 oz.
1 Chile Cobanero Chocolate Bar (Wine.Woot Exclusive) - 2 oz.

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Previous offer:

I bought these last time since the wife and I are vegan and love chocolate. My thoughts:

-It is dark, chocolaty and good.

Her thoughts:

-A bit too strong. Better to enjoy it with a good cup of coffee.

I want that Chili Cobanero Chocolate Bar right now. It sounds amazing… but 11 chocolate bars in the house while on a diet sounds like it may be a bad idea.

Let me guess, it tastes like Saxon Brown Zinfandel?

Arrgh, let me know when you have something in the 90 percent Cacao range. That’s real chocolate!

Kinda annoyed I recently bought the 10 pack for the same price and didn’t get a Cobanero bar :frowning:

Oh well, I can’t justify buying another 10.

just finished the last box. was hoping this would show up again. In for two this time. I loved this as did my friends that tried it

Makes me think of the Tosh.0 chocolate challenge. Gross.

I can confidently say that I am safe from all of you enablers on this one.

I may not be safe from SWMBO, however.

Do we know the dimensions of the bars? It says 2 ounces, which is not very much, but the boxes in the picture look big. Are these bars thin like Ghirardelli or thicker like Cadbury?

Could Woot or perhaps Rain Republic list the ingredients in the Chile Cobanero Bar? I would like to go in again on this offering, and did so the first time only because the bars were vegan (and it says so on the packaging as well). I’m just curious if the bonus bar is also vegan or if its a no dice and a waste of a chocolate bar for vegan chocolate lovers.

Oh yes. I got to try the chile cobanero flavor and I can say it is magnificent. They got it just right. Would I woot another 10 pack for just for another taste of it?.. Hmm, I’ll think about it. (I do have access to a store that carries Chuao Spicy Maya. As for how they compare, I’d say Rain Republic’s chile flavor wins by a small margin.)

The bars are actually in my opinion closest in size to your standard Hershey chocolate bar. It’s actually 1/3 larger in size however though (The Hershey bar being 1.55 oz.).

Ok, I’ve almost hit the big yellow button, but I think I need a final push over the line. Can we get some more reviews from people who’ve tried these last time?

Bought 2 on 1/30/11. The first box is gone. In for 2 more to get me through March. The bonus makes it sweeter.

I’ve only eaten 1 bar from the last offering. I don’t have the most sophisticated pallet, but it really is an amazing chocolate, the kind that you only need to let a square (or two!) melt slowly in your mouth to reach that delicious satisfaction.

You get that very potent chocolate flavor, and the longer you just let it melt the more fruity it becomes, to me towards the end it has an almost chocolate covered raspberry taste. It was extremely enjoyable.

I ALWAYS keep a bar of this in the freezer… Amazing plain or shredded over ice cream

Bought 3-4 times now from past woots… They always seem to show up after the last bar disappears… And I swear they are diet conscious… 2 squares after dinner are perfect, the high cacao content may throw you off at first but now I prefer this over milk chocolate any day

this looks good :slight_smile:
i am a huge chocolate lover, this better be as goos as some of you say it is.

I got two boxes the last time. They are wonderful, i only consume two squares a day to make them last. They are great just letting them melt in your mouth - In for two more boxes.