Rain Republic triple-single-origin Guatemalan Chocolate - 10 Pack

Rain Republic triple-single-origin Guatemalan Chocolate - 10 Pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 10 100% Natural 70% Cacao Guatemalan Chocolate 2.oz Bars

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There are some reports on the last page of the previous Woot - all mouth-watering.

Oh, to have been at that photo session…wonder how many bars of chocolate had to be eaten because of the bright lights melting them too quickly?

Interesting story on Guatemalan Chocolate

Golden Ticket

I had to open one up right now to see if mine were ever that shiny. (Nope) Great, now I only have two left…hmmmm

WOOT! Finally, something vegan! And CHOCOLATE of all things! /happydance

I wish I had a bottomless wallet, or I’d be in for 3, but since I don’t, I’ll have to just get one :slight_smile:

Edit: The allergen info does say may contain TRACES of milk, but the product itself is anyway.

Here 's my review:

Some of the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten. Better than cadbury’s. Better than see’s. Better than girardelli’s, like amazing boutique Choc, not t sweet,

I was waiting for this to return

i was very excited about this last time. but i experienced blending issues with about half of the 3 cases i ordered. not heat bloom, mind you. there were blobs of unblended cocoa mass and fat.

i contacted rain republic and they gave me a few bars to replace not even half of what i had that was garbage (what they claimed was the last of what was in the US) and very empty promises of more. (the replacements were also afflicted.)

(woot also helped out with a couple bars - tyvm.)

mind you, when it was good - it was wonderful.

Great chocolate, great value, was in for 2 last time, in for 3 this time!


Where oh where is the chile cobanero chocolate? Josh?

If a single two-ounce bar is considered to be one serving, how small is each bar in W x H x T?

I’m imagining maybe about the size of a Halloween “fun”-size Hershey bar?

Significantly larger - maybe 1.5"x4"

The box packaging is roughly 5.25" x 2.5" x .5" and the bagged chocolate fits neatly inside of it.

Hmmm, this is just down the street. I wonder if they have a retail shop…

20 oz for $30.

I bought these before — they’re good, not great. Actually, I’m not sure I’ll bother again. Nice stuff but if you live in a decent size city (I’m in Chicago) it’s easy to find better. But it’s nice to have a stash and so easy to order from Woot… so I’ll sleep on it.

I guess the one good thing about having chilly weather here in South Florida is I don’t have to worry about the chocolate melting :slight_smile:
just liked Rain Republic Chocolate on facebook, I wonder how many more fans they will get today…
thank you woot!

What/where in Chicago do you find to be better for a similar price?


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