Rain Republic triple-single-origin Guatemalan Chocolate Ten - Pack

yipee a pope hat!
anyone know how this tastes.


I see some kind of weird-looking pope hat on the main page. What’s that about?

Rain Republic triple-single-origin Guatemalan Chocolate Ten - Pack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: 100% Natural
Product: 10 Two Ounce Rain Republic triple-single-origin Guatemalan Chocolate Bars

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I wonder how this compares with the Amano Chocolate?

Heres the Home Page of Rain Republic http://www.rainrepublic.com/index.html

Is evaporated cane juice the same as sugar?

We’ll if it is anything like chocolate from coastal region of Todasana, Venezuela, then excellent.

this jerky looks disgusting…

Cocoa liquor, evaporated cane juice, cocoa butter, whole bean vanilla and soy lecithin.

actually not shabby. the lecithin is meh… but natty vanilla is awesome.

im in for one… $3 per bar is fair. plus each bar has 24% of my dietary fiber. i cant wait to shit my pants!!!

Amano would probably blow it out of the water.

Arizona: land of the chocolate connasewers.

This is very tempting, any one have had anything similiar?

btw folks, the fiber is likely 2.4% and lecithin is a natural emulsifier. it keeps fats from seperating from non-fats.

For folks wondering why their is Soy Lecithin in the chocolate bar.

Soy Lecithin acts as an emulsifier and a lubricant for the machinery that mixes all the ingredients in the chocolate bar.


Woot changed its launch logo. I am sad.

Popehat has been retired for a new glitzy model. We should all mourn this turn of events.
This is bringing flashbacks of my ex.

Woot. You know not what you have done.

76% saturated fat per bar means they taste awesome!!!

umm, with the warm weather, won’t there be some melting shipping this smartpost?

Were there any lab rats that got this earlier in the week?

This looks really good. Too bad it isn’t kosher. I might get it as a treat for my friends at woot! Like @prettywootprincess.