Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a pegasus, not a unicorn.

love this! great colors and pop!

A Pegasus has wings, this is a unicorn.


I want a unicorn so it’s perfectly for me. But just know to buy up in size as every tee shirt has run in the small and short size that I have bought or been given. Off to grant some :unicorn: wishes.

I find that the fitted men’s tees are a bit longer in length than the standard (so as a human female I buy men’s small fitted) hope that helps :rainbow: :slight_smile:


Thank you team Woot for picking my design and giving it some time in the spotlight. Much appreciated. :^)

Woa I’m away for 6 months and come back to this? Randomly? After googling for something completely unrelated? Um. Thanks Spirit, for another favorite shirt. <3

: )