Rainbows and Spectrums

prepares for 78 DSOM ‘parodies’

Please, prove me wrong. Avoid the obvious!

Doctor side of the Who, most likely.

Thanks for the preview!

Oh, yeah dark side of the… got it…


So- early question on next week-

If we DON’T pick gold/silver ink, are 6 colors and halftones allowed?

Thanks for the headstart!

Lovin the headsup!

The wording seems to suggest that, kind of like one of the old Gold derbies where you didn’t HAVE to use gold ink but if you did, you could only use that color.

another one I’m gonna have to sit out. can’t wait to see the designs that everyone does, though. :slight_smile:



So sad that I plan to do a DSOM inspired design…

I’m just pumped Woot has been previewing the future derbies. Makes the designs stronger as a whole I think.

As do I…
I very different twist, tho…

The metallic ink thing is pretty dumb. Not being able to use multiple colors alongside it is unsatisfying sounding.

Ah well, ‘heavy metal’ is totally not my thing anyway, so, eh.

Derby#372 really needed a “no Pink Floyd” rule. Woot has already printed seven shirts that directly reference the cover of DSOM and several others that could possibly be seen that way. Artists, please be more original and artistic than that. And if not, hopefully the “similar shirts exist” rule will be used.

While I agree with your pessimism, I disagree with a rule like that. Coming up with a design that references DSOM a still brings something original will truly be something to behold…

Well, I’ll hope that you and the others can surprise everyone.

Ok. Here’s my first offerings. Haha. Took me all day because I was busy with life! Haha. I had a grand idea of a fully drawn white dove with rainbow paints dripping down and outward a bit. Anyhow wanna draw that for me? Haha So let the most excellent criticisms begin!

It’s a pretty cool idea- I currently don’t love the main body of the dove- the bottom half seems clunky or something, but I like the overall look and the head and feathers. Not a huge fan of the paint splats as a generality, so I wonder if there is some other colorful thing you could have in their place- that may just be me though…

:smiley: GL!

Here is what I have so far- not my usual fare but it was fun to make. Is this too… I don’t know…

ALSO- should I drop the text- wife just related it to Lady Gaga, which was not my intent…