Rainstorm Silver Linings Rosé (6)

Rainstorm Silver Linings Rosé 6-Pack
Sold by: Pacific Rim Winemakers Inc (VinMotion)
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2015 Rainstorm Silver Linings Pinot Noir Rosé, Willamette Valley

On my last one of these from when this was up here last. Obviously quite enjoyed it!

Any notes to share? I live rose

Candace had a bottle of this a couple months back and enjoyed it quite a bit. No formal notes though.

Wee live rise us well.

Sew due wee. Rise iz thu gest!

I loaf rise sew mulch, Eye boat too!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any. I recall this being a little more tart than your typical rose, but that’s about it.

Thanks. I trust her palate.

Happy Fathers Day!