Rainwater Harvesting System

Wow you can barely notice it!

Anyone have $175 to spend on a large bucket? Didnt think so. Hope there is only one of these…

$175 for a big bucket. Get a couple of recycled plastic barrels and save yourself over $100.

Would strongly consider this if the power washer was included in the price.

that will draw you mosquitoes like crazy!!! Plus in my town you’d get hit with a fine well over a $100.

I have a bunch of buckets full of water right now. The mosquitos seem to be mating in said buckets and I have a swarm of mosquitos near my backyard fence. One day I’ll ask if I can borrow their jacuzzi and water my grass with it.

Mmmm…west nile.

Why the fine?

are you guys selling to colorado? it’s illegal to harvest rainwater in colorado. i think it’s also illegal in several other states

Scan craigslist for some of those 55 Gallon blue barrels and make one of these yourself. Normally construction sites are giving these out because they have to pay for trash removal and these don’t crush easily.

Cut a hole in the cover over the barrel and mosquito problem would be no different than this ones. You can disguise the barrels very easily with some imagination. Or you can spend $175 on this elephant.

My pressure washer needs a minimum of 35psi according to the specs.
I doubt gravity fed water will have that kind of force behind it.
Before you use this on a pressure washer, check your owners manual. You might be surprised at what yours needs too.

put a couple of drops of oil in the water (baby oil, veggie oil, whatever) this’ll get rid of the mosquitoes, but won’t harm your plants when you water them.


I was gonna say this too. Unless your washer has a built in pump, this looks like a really bad idea.

Also, the tiny nozzles on power washers would be far more susceptable to clogging with some of the small pieces of debris that will invariably wind up in a gutter fed rainwater collector.

I hope there aren’t many of these… i was hoping for something useful today

Safety tip: Don’t water things you’re going to eat with runoff from an asphalt roof.

For me, it’d be the housing association assigning a fee for some little known by-law preventing anything unsightly in the yard.

I can’t imagine how Colorado could have a “no harvesting of rainwater” law. What’s next a “no harvesting of air” law… everyone stop breathing, you’re breaking the law.

I would love to be able to water my lawn during the dry months with something like this. Can’t bring myself to the $300/month bill for watering with city water.

In for 3.

Wow, thank you for being a positive in this boat full of negatives !! Refreshing to read some constructive helpful advice on here instead of a bunch of whining.