Rainy Souls

Patrickspens for the win! Weekly reminder: Patrickspens is the 2010 Woot Artist of the Year. You can’t go wrong with a Patrickspens!

Wow, wonderful print. How many 1st place derby entries in a row does this make for Patrick?

Ilsa: But what about us?
Rick: We’ll always have Atlantis.

Okay Patrick, I just want to know…

Is there anything you CAN’T do?


Visually, there is a ton of depth to this design. I love the designs that seem to go on forever inside the shirt. The whole story lives on the Z-axis.

Singing in the rain

Three? If that’s not the record, it’s got to be tied with it, no?

This design reminds me of the streets in Tokyo.



Edit Curse the BoC

double edit: Woot i have seen what you did there

Any chance for a larger version of this? It’d make a great wallpaper.

I am actually trying to obtain some throwback patrickspens shirts. Thanks for putting me out there writers.

Lovely…goes with the rain pattering outside my window.

Gorgeous. Absolutely freakin’ gorgeous.

Congrats Patrick!

Is the server room on fire yet at HQ? I’m calling the fire dept as a precaution.

Sounds like the guy in the Description might have Borderline Personality Disorder O.O

BPD info

I think this will give the Top 20 a shakeup.

Love it, love it, love it, love it… and… oh yeah, love it! =)

I can’t comment in the woot forums so I’m here… I just beat level 3 on the game and died on level 4. When can I buy the stupid BOC! Is there a staff member around here somewhere?

I am wondering…is the game to get a BOC on woot just a very elaborate April Fools day joke? Are we all trying to play this game for nothing? Has anyone actually got to the point where they could complete an order? Could I ask any more questions?

By the way…the shirt today, blah.