Raised by Wolves Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Raised by Wolves Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
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2011 Raised by Wolves Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley
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Hey Wooters, let me know if you have any questions. Limited quantities available for this vintage.


Bill Davis

How many you grabbin’, Fred?

Great grape from a nice region. This wine is reasonably structured but still has plenty of big fruit. If it were $15 per bottle, it would be an autobuy. As it is, I can’t quite justify it tonight…

But if you’re looking for a nice Cabernet, this is is a good one.

2011: a challenging vintage for Washington:

Wine Spectator’s vintage report says:

“It will be a year when consumers need to make decisions not just on [appellation], but on specific vineyards and specific wineries,” said Bob Betz of Betz Family Wines.

Will be interesting to hear from the winery on how the harvest was on this one.

In the Columbia valley, we had a fairly late bud break and a cool, wet spring and early summer led to delayed flowering and reduced fruit set. With July, August and most of September being extremely hot we caught up on growing degree days, producing phenolic ripeness and flavor development with extraordinary natural acidity not overwhelming but balanced.

If the Specs are correct, this is made from the exact same percentages of grapes from the same vineyards as the 2010, with the exact same cooperage and same 14.1% alc.

The pH was listed at 3.71 with TA of .057 for 2010, are those numbers also similar for the 2011 vintage?


I don’t have the numbers on my phone and will update you in the morning when I get to the office. Thx

Welllll hellooooo Beautiful :slight_smile:

What are the chances of getting this direct delivered to MO, since woot wont deliver to MO anymore?

Love love love your wines and really love it when Woot has it$$! Question is how is the shipping to Florida handled as it is hot here already. 90 degrees hot. I would hate to order it only to have it bad when it gets here from being on a truck from one corner of the country to the opposite.

These wines are generally great(2009 and 2010) and were always an autobuy.

They were usually 6 for $99. Why the price increase?

First taxes, now this.

I hate to complain but: Amazon is slowly sucking the life out of this place…

Actually, have clarified that it’s not necessarily 2-day air, but we’re working with WineDavid to ensure that the wine gets there safely in spite of the season. The bigger issue, as Kyle has pointed out, is there is a very limited supply of this wine- and the fruit costs on the ’11 are the highest they’ve been on this Cabernet.

A great deal compared to what we sell it for at the winery/tasting room. You won’t be disappointed

Done! Order placed…can’t wait.

Winery said limited amount for this vintage. Supply and demand and all.

No Stoneridge fruit this time around, eh?

Unfortunately not, we have contracted everything with Charles Smith and he has an exclusive on the Cabernet and Syrah.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing the numbers.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 vintage (Walla Walla Valley) so much that we bought 2 1/2 cases throughout 2012 when it was offered here multiple times.

I would love to grab this deal, but unsure how we would like the Columbia Valley version. Elements we look for in WA cabs: bold, spice, dark fruit, tannic, chewy, long finish, goes well with a medium-rare filet mignon. :wink:

I see the write-up has some keywords that tug at my wallet, but the price point is a bit higher than before (I understand the “limited quantities”; there’s also a new baby in the house now, so funds need to be allocated accordingly). Anybody want to tip me over the edge??