Raised by Wolves Malbec (3)



Raised by Wolves Columbia Valley 2010 Malbec 3-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $117.00) 44% off List Price
2010 Elevage Wine Company, “Raised by Wolves” Columbia Valley, Malbec
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Hey wooters from sunny S California thanks for checking in. Taking a few days off before we crush the reds. Any questions please let me know. Thanks Bill


Love the 2009 Stoneridge Vineyard Cab - bought a case last time it was here on woot. Thinking about this…


Just opened one of these recently…good but tasted really young. What kind of window would you put on these?


I’m excited to open one up in 2019 and see. I am quite confident it will be drinking nicely through this decade.


It’s now our top selling red wine in our Ellensburg and Leavenworth tasting rooms. It’s great value at nearly $20 off a bottle.


I have not had a lot of malbecs that I have enjoyed, I’m not sure why but how would you try to sell this wine to non Malbec lovers? What’s yor pitch?


Please bring back the RBW Cab to Woot again. I love it, and I don’t know anyone local who sells it.


The RBW Cab is fantastic! Grabbed a 1/2 case on a past woot off, we are savoring each drop, down to one bottle, on the hunt locally for them, to no avail yet. Will have to see about these as well.


Website needs an update. Nothing there beyond 2008. No pricing, etc!


thread hijack sorry to do this: PM me if you live in SoCal and want to split the 2006 San Roman Toro on Cindy.

Sorry wolves!


NOT FAIR!!!, you tease me with the Pix, and then I read Malbec, It’s OK still got a case of the Cab


After it was offered in the woot off, I read in the comments, this was the last of the Cab ;(


Just tasted this last night. It has nice rich red color, don’t remember it being as dark as the picture. Some hints of spice amongst the berry flavor. Good balance of tannins and acidity that dry out the sides of your tongue a bit.


I’m not a big fan of Malbec, they just don’t seem to have any outstanding quality on their own to me, better in a blend. I did enjoy this one, I would have thought it to be closer to a Cab than a Malbec based on ones I’ve tasted in the past.

There was a RBW Cab open last night too and I actually preferred this over it. I thought this had a little more richness and complexity.


As FB pointed out, we opened up two different RBW wines, the cab and the malbec, at the Chicago Wine Woot Get Together last night. I have to concur with the assessment by her. I have previously tried and enjoyed the cab, but after now having tried the malbec found that I also really liked it as well. Obviously, Elevage Wines knows how to make good wine.


The RBW cabs is extinct. We will be releasing a our 2010 early next year.


So, would you say this wine is closer to a Britney Spears or a Christina Aguilera in terms of depth and complexity?


That’s like trying to compare a Porsche to a Kia. If I had to pair with this wine I would pair it with Sophia Vergara. Full busted and curvy with a hint of latina attitude.