Raised By Wolves Red Blend (6)

Raised By Wolves Bad Moon Rising Red Blend 6-Pack

Anyone have the BMR? I’ve had the Malbec and Cab and both were good. Thoughts on this?

I second the request for tasting notes and thoughts. I’ve enjoyed their cab and malbec. I was a little put off by the previous offer comments where the wine maker never talked about the grape composition used. The reviews were kind of mixed.

If anybody bought and drank from the last offer, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

For the Whiney/Lazy New Yorkers who insist on being spoon-fed information:


I didn’t read the whole thing, I am not a New Yorker, but this is what we (read as Wooters) believe is the New York issue. This is not new legislation, but it appears that recent interpretations of this law may currently be affecting Wine.Woots ability to sell wine to New York. We suspect that until they can get a suitable interpretation/determination that would clear them of any potential liability, there will be no shipments of wine to New York.

Once again, this is what we as Wooters believe to be the issue, and nothing official has been said from Woot or WD regarding this matter, other than they are working on it.

Got it? Now get over it.

Just went for it. Guess if I don’t like then it I will give it away. The label is b/a and people like it for that reason alone. :slight_smile:

I bought the last offer on plus, and I’m pleased with it - in fact, I’m trying to decide if I want to hit the button for 6 more, since I only have one left. I am a big fan of this type of merlot/cab blend.

Thank you for the validation. Now I’m wondering if I should hit the button again! :slight_smile:

Hee, I did, in fact, go for it. Now I am going to lock up my credit card because this is the FOURTH woot-off I’ve gone for and the FedEx guy is going to give me grief for being such a lush.

I haven’t had it but if I remember, Fredrinaldi loves this stuff.

Fred where are you? Better hurry up if you want more.

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Oh man I wait two days for this, and work gets in the way, I would have gotten a case, I guess I need to email the fine folks at RBW to see if they will help out a long time buyer, darn !!!

What!!?? I missed this. Love me some RBW reds. Ordered this last time and wanted more. Please RBW help a brother out!

Here’s my review posted in CT for future reference:

7/7/2013 Great nose on this, right away you get hit by black cherries and a bit of heat. Pnp palate is strong currants and more heat. Definite decant but couldn’t wait, so ran through Vinturi and that really opened up the flavors and subsided the heat. Currants, dark berries, a bit of mocha, earth and… oak…nose still black cherries but developed a hint of raspberries and slight strawberries. Thick but no gritty tannins with a med-long finish. Seems to have to bones to age a few years. Another strong outing by RbW.