Raising the flag

Mixing Marvel and DC? Nonononononono.

…and still disrespecting the glorious flag of the erstwhile great Republic. Sad, woot! Even HGTV learned from their tacky mistake http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/14679.aspx

I am a fan of the design art. Great job.

All that is missing is the Batman.

That’s not Jay Garrick, that’s Barry Allen…

Yep, almost as bad as mixing Looney Toons and Disney… or mixing peanut butter and chocolate…

Oh wait, both of those turned out amazing. Why can’t we have more DC and Marvel?!

This is such a great mix of funny, awesome, cute, and patriotic. That write up is funny, awesome, and cute too. Not so much patriotic, but hey you Woot peeps managed to fit in a Scooby Doo reference. That’s pretty darn American if you ask me.

Batman? Come on, can’t you see it’s the red and blue heroes? The theme was Red, White, and Blue after all.

Wow, this is not a flag, this is a print with an image of the flag part of it.

I knew this who be one of the first posts, along with the mixing of Marvel & DC. The only subject missing is the AA comments… But they will be here.

The nice part of the Derby is that purchasers from Woot vote on the shirts. There were many shirts in this derby without flags. If you wanted a different shirt you need to vote or design your own design.

Nice sixth shirt printed, harantula!

Don’t you kids remember the various Marvel/DC and DC/Marvel comics? http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/05/18/ask-chris-106-the-best-marvel-dc-crossover-and-superman-christ-figure/


I am not buying this. I am a big time collector of both marvel and dc, but this is sacrilege. Unless we are talking about some kind of crossover, this just aint cool man.

I do like the idea, but there are more than enough DC characters. Here is who I would go with:

Superman, wonder woman, batman, flash, and perhaps aquaman. You know, basically use characters in the justice league which will be coming out in 2 years.

Idea has potential though. Just needs development. Here is a suggestion. Why not try a marvels versus DC theme? OR justice league versus legion of doom.

Marvel and DC living together… mass hysteria!

How can a t-shirt disgrace the flag?

I’m pretty sure the AMerican people letting the politicians throw The Constitution away is a much bigger disgrace that a flag shirt or an ugly table cloth flag.

Love the concept, but Superman looks like he’s giving the flag the stinkeye. It’s almost as if he’s…Bizarro Superman.

Why has no one commented on the fact that this is a re-creation of the famous Iwo Jima flag-raising photograph?

The Flag Code, Marvel/DC, nor political beliefs is not what one should be concerned about with this shirt.

I’m not a huge comics fan like most of you, so I need a little help! Can you please list all of the characters in the shirt so when I wear it, I will know who they all are! Baby Spiderman is obvious, of course. :slight_smile: I think I see Ironman and Superman? Lord, I hope I’m right on those!

Superman has Captain America on his shoulders–The Flash is beside them, while Iron Man is holding the flag pole. Spiderman is on the right. :slight_smile:

OK, Flag Day (in most time zones) was YESTERDAY!!

You’re a day late.


Care to elaborate? I just don’t think I can agree with you there. Having the flag printed on a shirt is not disrespect. Tablecloth, yes, this design doesn’t seem to spark any flagetiquette issues… or am I missing something? If the shirt were made of a flag, it would be different.

I’m not sure how this disrespects the flag. It is a collection of red, white and blue colored superheros trying to RAISE a flag. Great on harantula for a great design.