Rake Break

Beady eyes have never been so cute! I think the mug-clutching helps.

There’s a fox, and it’s holding a mug. I am appalled.

A picture of a fox holding a cup of cocoa,

this is clearly a “mug shot.”

sitting there on my chest you look like such a fox. I hope you never leave me.

I love that I got a quality double-post, and the one that was deleted was the QP, which I then edited out of the one that remained before the other died.

Anyway, comment still stands. There is not a better “cute” designer in the derby right now, and your rabbits were even better than this’un

“If this had been an actual emergency, the Attention Signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, news or instructions.”

silly fox, why rake the leaves when they’re still falling? just means more work for yourself!

and the apple! waste D:

but I do like how the design is simple and detailed at the same time!

The blue scarf really makes this design. It creates a really great color contrast.

Three cheers for the Little Fox!!! :smiley: Thanks for the votes, everybody!

And nice write-up, Woot. From now on, I won’t be able to look at my Little Fox without picturing a bloody baseball bat in his little paw. I lol’d :wink:

Leaves falling on Woot… Snow falling out the window.

I’m about an hour from Buffalo, NY.

I don’t get it.

Somebody, please…tell me what this is about!

…and keep it simple.

It’s fox holding hot cocoa in his home. Holy wow, man. Not everything is a huge joke/pun.

This is such a relaxing design, just looking at it calms me down. What I would give for a mug of hot chocolate right now…

I cannot think of anything clever and/or funny to say. This is nice though.

Awww I’m happy to see this little guy win a place. This was one of my favorites from the fog. Good job.

There’s something soothing about this design. From the simple, scarf to the little mug of cocoa, it really conveys a snug sort of feeling.

Congrats on the win.

Check out http://sibfox.com/ if you have an extra 6 grand lying around and want to purchase a domesticated fox. Supposedly they’ll learn to use a litterbox if you have cats.

So the design is awesome… but why are his legs not colored in?

I’m not comfortable enough with my own masculinity to wear these kinds (cute) of shirts. Also, the blue scarf is just not cool.