Raleigh Superbe Classic Bike

Raleigh Superbe Classic Bike

Uh I think the description is wrong on a few points. Or at least the wrong item is being described. @Woot

Could you be more specific?

21 integrated flow vents to keep rider cool

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you.

Update. Just like on Amazon. Fixed.

Hi @Woot

I would like to buy this bike for my Fiancee’s birthday but I want to pay extra for expedited shipping. How do I do this? I want it delivered on or before her birthday on 22nd May

That ain’t how the site works. Best hunt down on the mothership if you want super kewl shipping options.

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I dont understand what mothership means? Please can you explain?


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Thank you for trying to help. I don’t understand what you mean but I appreciate the effort. Thanks again!

Hi there. I’m sorry but expedited shipping is not available for this item.

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Does the basket come with it as well?

I reviewed the product description. What size is xs/sm? Is it for kids? Is the tire 26”?

Here’s a size chart I found on Google.


Prowled around the amazon reviews. Looks like the basket is included.

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This sell out already?

Yes, sorry. A lot of people wanting bikes right now, I guess. .

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