Hah, that looks pretty bad ass

I was gonna ask for somebody to explain this to me until I said “It’s a ram…bo… ok I see…”

Ram-bo: Ewe don’t wanna mess with him.

That is pretty funny, but not worth buying. Bring the nom-ination back!

Yeah, he’s okay, but you should see him in the Rocky remake! Rams with boxing gloves? Unbeatable!

lol, clever.

I can see him screaming “Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

congrats David!

Don’t you mean baaaaa-d ass?

Before reading the title, I thought that was a Ryu headband from Street Fighter.

I see Dodge has presented their new logo for 2011.

“You’re comparing your life to Rambo again, dude.”

Eye of the Ram.

Uh oh, here come the puns.

ram-bo. lol. because he’s a sheep. thats a bit funny.

I’m trying to think of how Stallone would talk with a bit of Ram.

I don’t get it, it’s just a picture of Stallone from Rambo.

…oh, it’s an actual ram? Couldn’t tell the difference.

In for one. Was born on the year of the ram of the Chinese Zodiac. (I think its technically ram but people call it sheep but a sheep is =[ Rams are =])

too funny. made me pee.

that…is…AWESOME!!! Getting one for my mom. It’s her favorite movie.