Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast - 6 Pack

Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast - 6 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
6 Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2007 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

Oh, crap. So much for the TIWBM. Sorry, girls, your college can wait. Kent is here!

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Yeah. I don’t really need cab. But it’s hard to pass on anything he does…

shaking fist in mock rage

Thirded. Where the hell am I going to put this stuff?

Normally $18 a bottle. Purchasing an entire case gets you a 10% discount.

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Really wish we had summer shipping still. It’s so hot out and I hate spoiled wine! I know, I have odd tastes.

Looks like its $18 a bottle from the winery. My god I’m swimming in wine right now, I’ll have to think about this, but for under $10 a bottle shipped its really hard not to go into a deeper part of that pool. If the reviews are good…throw me a life preserver.

Amawoot, I have a complaint.

It used to be that Friday was “non wine” day and would be up all weekend. I especially approved of this as the non-wine items were typically things I needed time to convince myself I actually wanted to buy. Non-wine Thursdays don’t work nearly as well.

I know instantly whether I want a wine or not. I don’t need 3 days to decide. Yet with this new format, that’s what I’m provided.

I request you go back to non-wine Fridays. I found them much more interesting. Oh, and I’ve had this wine before. Didn’t like it. But then again, I’m not much of a cab fan.

Make sure you listen to the audio file (right under where it says I’m First sucker) on the comments page. Kent tells about where the grapes come from, how the label got its name, etc.

Most importantly, Kent says we’ll like the wine.

How could you not buy it?

This is great for a dinner party or your favorite functional alcoholic.



College Town, USA – A graduate student preparing for a research presentation is hard at work in her condo nicknamed “the study hole” when she is surprised by a bottle of FREE wine! Excited, graduate student calls home to her significant other and explains the golden ticket situation. Graduate student promises to save at least half of said bottle of wine to share with significant other the next evening when she returns home for the weekend. Graduate student then pulls out a piece of filet mignon from the freezer.

Below are graduate student’s notes from Day 1:

Pouring an ounce, undecanted, into a glass…

Appearance: Dark, thick burgundy in color.

Bouquet: I could have guessed cab based only on the smell. Lots of currant, prune, dark red fruit (in that order) hit me.

Sip: (remember undecanted) Hrm, this is going to need a little longer to get to know. First taste I’m not sure exactly what I taste, and it’s certainly not opened up yet. A bit hot on the pallet.

About twenty minutes to breath with lots of surface area (wide glass, small pour)…
Much better! Now I can start to taste some of the minor vanilla/caramel notes peaking through the dark berries.

Ok, I’m about to starve, but I want to do a little more tasting before I involve food. I poured a bit more into the original glass from the bottle and got a second glass and poured a bit through my vinturi. Now, I’m sure there are strong opinions about those, but I find it pretty useful for “tight” reds when I’m in a hurry or say…suddenly surprised by a woot package out of the blue with free wine. In my experience, running something like a pinot, many red blends, some zins through a vinturi (or leaving them to decant several hours) tends to deflate them but really interesting full bodied reds that are going to go toe-to-toe with some heavy food really benefit from it.

That said, this is where I get a little disappointed, because the “vinturied” wine isn’t as good as the out of the bottle glass. The wine that passed through the vinturi tastes flat and uninteresting in comparison. I say disappointed because I like my cabs to have enough heft and structure in them that they really need to be decanted a bit or run through the vinturi. With this wine though, I feel like it peaked at about 30 minutes of being poured.
Still enjoying the berries and very subtle hints of vanilla of my original glass. Still a bit of a high/hot note that I’m not the hugest fan of, but I have a hard time describing – something I’ve experienced often at this price point. Tanin / mouth feel is turning out to be good. Time to light the grill.

Match-Up…Medium-rare grilled fillet mignon with a bit of blue cheese sprinkled on the top vs. Ramsay 2007 cab.

Not bad. When it failed my vinturi test I was worried it wasn’t going to be a good match, but the wine is easy to reach for when enjoying the steak. I’d say the food and wine cohabitate well, but don’t really add a lot to each other. It doesn’t get run over, but the wine does kind of shrink in dimensions of flavor. I’m left with just the currant/dark berry flavor. The tannins and mouth feel are what’s really holding the wine up, imo, when going toe to toe with the steak.

**Overall, I don’t think you can go wrong with this wine at this price. It’s very drinkable. Think - good house wine selection for a mid-level restaurant. To be frank, I think it’s a good $10 wine, but I didn’t taste it and exclaim “Oh my gosh – this IS ONLY $10?!” at any point. **

Wanted to post this quickly – going to enjoy the second half of the bottle tomorrow night with lamb. I’ll post again if something really changes in my opinion or tasting notes. I really appreciate the opportunity to lab rat! THANKS!

First thought was tempting, but then I realized I can get the 2006 from my local Wine Exchange for $9.99 (albeit plus tax) and insurance that it won’t get cooked in this heat wave. Pass on this one unless someone has a compelling argument that the 2007 is far superior to the 2006.

I personally disagree. Given a lack of space as the number of bottles continue to pile up, sometimes it’s nice to be able to put in some thought over the purchase.

In this case, I agree the 3 days isn’t helpful as anything KR is an autowoot.

Great review and excellent way to explain the wine at this price point, thanks!

I am not sold on KR’s cheaper stuff after experiencing the 1001 '08 Pinot Noir.

Really enjoyed the “Vintner Voicemail” feature.

Give it a listen if you didn’t notice it:


I heard that Kent used to get his winemaking powers from his beard, like Samson, now that he’s clean shaven, can we expect a similar reduction in the quality of wine?

Questions need answers, people.

He must have had a facial wax job when he made the 1001 '08 Pinot Noir.

Kent Rasmussen CS? Does WD have no conscience??? I have 10 little ones to feed and clothe!!! :tongue:

And do I need to get a 5th wine locker???

I’d be curious to know the differences between the Napa Valley Ramsay and the North Coast Ramsay Cabs.

Whats that saying Fool me once…

I will need some really good rat reports on this one.