Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast - 6 Pack

Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2007 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon
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I clicked the buy button like a ninja.

have opened 2 of these from the last offering. Very good but seems like could use some more time to round out. Very good buy though. If i wasnt on a strict budget I would be getting some more.

but cynthylee was a mightier ninja. :tongue:

so is this like the most best(cheapest) QPR w.w ever offered?

In for one having read the comments. W00t!

I’ve opened 2 bottles of this and given one as a gift since the October offer. I love this cab! (especially at ~$10/bottle). I found this wine to be pretty fruit forward, which I particularly like. Also, a bit of vanilla and oak. A GREAT deal. I’m in for 2.

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Twice in one day! Double woo hoo! First sucker to woot! Everyone has been commenting about the Ramsay’s coming up, so following all of your expert advice, I just hit the big yellow button. I am so looking forward to this. But this may bring about a SIMBM. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be checking in to read and absorb all of the wisdom imparted! Thanks to all of you. You have no idea what you bring to my day.

Foiled again!!!

shakes fist at sky

Thanks! I’ve always wanted to be a ninja. Wa hoo!

Here’s a summary from the last Woot-off where I located lab rats:

From the rat reports in the previous Woot, this isn’t your big tannin, big fruit long-term ager, nor is it a Parker fruit bomb. It’s lighter on the tannins and alcohol - an easy-drinking Cab from a top-flight winemaker.

So it isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not Kent’s best Cab. But how can you go wrong at this price?

That being said, I have Cabernets full of everyday Cabinets (strike that; reverse it), and I’m going to let this go. Maybe next time.

Real-time rattage…

Opened my last bottle from the previous offering (brief recap–first bottle I opened I was not impressed with, as they sat longer I became more impressed):

Small initial half-ounce pour. Dark color, not PS dark, but dark. Good legs. Faint berries and even a touch of floral on the nose. After a couple more swirls getting some heat on the nose. Good tannins in the mouth, dry but not too dry, faint berries in the back of the finish… Possibly less structure/acidity than I’d want, but the tannins might be tricking me.

More to come.

Duuuuuuude. What the frick?! This just came up? I opened MY LAST BOTTLE. And now it’s over?

Woot, you got some 'splaining.

Wootsome! Eagerly awaiting…

edit - and in shock at the sellout!

It wasn’t Woot - they sold 100 in a flash. Previous offers of 55, 110, etc took much longer.

15 minutes?! Wow. I guess I’m not going to get more :slight_smile:

Oh, I know. I just like the histrionics of it.

DAMMIT I would have jumped on this if I’d seen it!! :frowning:

I have no interest in the tlc chard… I don’t like Chard! The Wine World hates me!

glad I missed it - I still have a bunch from the last offering, but I would definitely recommend it :slight_smile: