Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2008 Pinot Noir, North Coast - 6 Pack

Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2008 Pinot Noir, North Coast - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 Ramsay 2008 North Coast Pinot Noir
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What’s the drinking window on these, and are there any issues with smoke taint?

Had the 06 and 07 of this, and the 09 in stock. Guess I need the 08! Always a good buy and a steal at ~$11 a bottle.

I said no more wine for awhile, and then I saw Kent…curse you woot…you knew I would auto-buy this.

Ramsay by Kent Rasmussen 2008 Pinot Noir, North Coast - 6 Pack

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Dang … an Auto-Buy. Kent makes some super duper wines.

Will someone please say this is worlds apart from Kent’s 2008 1001 PN?

Are the grapes grown organically?

Yes this is different from 1001. I didn’t care for that one, but this one I like. I got a few bottles of this the last time I stopped by the winery, and just finished the last bottle and yay now I can get more!


I found the 07 and 08 well…just not good :frowning:

In for 2, Kent Rasmussen = Autobuy.

I promised myself no more wine for a while; but the Esoterica rose was so good I must try this!

/sob… I am so weak!

HI everyone, this is Kent

Boy…things do start with a blast. I can’t believe the activity for just the first hour!

So, I will try to be on as much as possible this weekend for questions comments etc.

Just to start with and address the items that have already come up.

First and formost…forget the 1001…those wines had nothing at all to do with Ramsay. The 1001 brand was an experiment (and a fairly successful one in the end) for some new properties that we were trying out. Ramsay Pinot Noir has been made for many years from pretty much the same grapes…partly from Mendocino and partly from Carneros (thus the odd “North Coast” appellation). The quality of the 1001 was debated by many…some liked it, some didn’t. In the end, I really liked one, but didn’t jump up-or-down for the other. But neither had anything to do with this wine.

Second is the 2008 “smoke” issue. The only thing I can say is that we have sold a HUGE amount of this 2008 Ramsay Pinot and have heard virtually nothing about smoke. The honest truth is that yes, some of the grapes came from Mendo County…but in the end it was only about 40% of the blend and smoke just has not been as issue with this wine. That said, I have certainly seem some smoke in wines this year…sometimes it is a pleasant character, sometime not.

So, there…I hope to have debunked the two issue-de-jour. We have sold lots and lots of this wine and have had nothing but wonderful comments. As always happens in the wine business, we ended up with a few too many of the screw-tops (we produced it with both cork and screw-top–and the cork sold a bit faster (exactly opposite the 2007!)). We have already released or 2009 in most markets and thus I am offering this little end lot of the 2008 to you all at a wonderful price. I am absolutely certain that you will like this wine…it is a great deal! Rich nice Pinot Noir with structure, complexity and fruit…for $11/bottle.

Anyway…please write, ask me questions, make comments etc. I should be on-line much of the weekend.

All the best, Kent


First off, thank you wine.woot for this opportunity. We hope we make you proud. First time reporter, so be gentle . .

We were very excited for this to arrive and was even happier when we opened the box and saw that it was a Pinot Noir. They are by far our favorites

On opening the bottle, it smelled funky. Kinda pungent - never noticed that in a Pinot before. The wine is very light in color and taste. Not very dry, not a lot of body and a bit bitter.

We decided to have a little fun, so we paired anything we could find with it:

Homemade Asiago cheese bread - paired ok
Cold BBQ Chicken - tasted very alcoholly
Dark Chocolate (54% Cocoa) - YUMMY
Cold Mac-n-Cheese - meh
Freshly made tomato sauce - bitter

We let it sit for an hour. The aroma and taste was significantly better. The fruitiness is coming out. Starting to stand on it’s own. As it opened up, none of the above “pairings” seem to add anything.

We continued drinking it by itself and that’s where we were the happiest. Didn’t have enough tannins for our tastes. Thought I tasted some smoke but the wife couldn’t back me up on it.

Overall, it seems like a good, basic wine. Nothing too complex or challenging to the palate. Perfect for those obligatory bottles of booze one may bring as a guest to a party.

For me, yes. For the wine, no.


After 2 years of wondering, “Hey, how come they haven’t asked me to lab rat?!?” I finally get my chance. Of course, it happens on my busiest day in months. First, I had a follow-up visit with my internist; I’m at that age when the blood test results aren’t always good. Last time my sugar was too high, as was my LDL. Also tested my thyroid — I’m hypo and recently had my Synthroid script raised to 100 mcg a day. But I digress!

My bottle arrived about 3:20 PM, a 2008 Ramsay North Coast Pinot Noir, and I had to leave the house at 3:45. Good timing, Fedex! I put it in my bag and went to my 4:15 appointment with my massage therapist. We didn’t discuss wine. I had to work from 6 to 9, then some friends who play in a bluegrass band, the NYCitySlickers, had their first CD release party at Rodeo Bar in Manhattan. “Perfect!” I thought, “I’ll be a Stealth Lab Rat! I’ll smuggle the bottle in” meaning if I’m going to smuggle a bottle of wine into a bar to taste with my meal, I’ll have to be like Paul Giamatti in Sideways (“If she orders merlot, I’m leaving!”), no not that part, the part where he drinks the special pinot he’s been saving for a special occasion, with the hamburger he orders in a greasy spoon diner.

I arrive at Rodeo Bar about 9:40 PM, the Slickers are playing (great, great band!) and my reservation was for 10. I ask one of the waitresses where my table is for 10 PM, but she can’t find my name, seats me anyway at a table for 4 in the back of the music room. Decent sound, but I can’t see the band unless I crane way up in my seat. My table mates, now my best friends, Paolo and Svetlana, he from Brazil, she from Russia, (Vladivostok of all places!) tell me the Rodeo steak is good as are the baby back ribs, special tonight. Paolo & Svetlana are regulars at Rodeo Bar. They don’t know much about who’s playing, but they know what they like. They like the Slickers…

Partner Claudio arrives shortly before 10. I’m drinking a Makers Mark, he orders a vodka tonic and a buffalo burger. I order the tonight’s rib special. "Don’t take that wine out of your bag, " Claudio warns, “the sound mixers are right next to our table!”, and of course, I ignore him. I order a glass of the house pinot noir (undistinguished) to go with my ribs, but really, I’m planning to drink the Ramsay. I quickly down my wine, then I lean over like I’m fishing in my bag (and I am) and grab hold of the Ramsay. Screw top! Perfect. I pour some into my empty house pinot glass and sniff.

The nose is earthy: hints of dirt, moss, mushrooms. Claudio thinks so, too. In fact, the nose portends a very fine wine indeed. Unfortunately, the Ramsay doesn’t quite live up to expectations. The color is a beautiful ruby. The first sip is a little sweet and fruit forward, but leaves a nothing burger of an aftertaste. Perhaps a hint of grape juice flavor. Claudio thinks it’s bitter, but I don’t taste bitterness; though we’re very compatible, our palates aren’t. I screwed the top back on and put the bottle back in my bag. 15 minutes later, another try. Drinkable, and a bit better, but not great. A decent accompaniment for the ribs, however, the strong, sweet taste of barbecue sauce, sort of renders the Ramsay a bland accompaniment.

It’s now after 11 and we’re heading home. We pay the bill, and we flag a taxi outside.

Back home in Brooklyn, I unscrew the bottle cap and pour a couple of fingers. No significant change in taste and aroma, though the wine has mellowed a bit. Nose still earthy, color is fine, but again, that taste. Is it fruity? Bitter, as Claudio thinks? Or just not distinguished.

Then I pour the wine through a Vinturi. Again, the wine mellows a notch, but just a notch. Flavor’s still a bit raw, but overall, it’s still an undistinguished wine.

So here’s my verdict. If you are able to cellar your vino for 3 or 4 years, I think the Ramsay Pinot is quite possibly a wine with potential. Great nose & color; taste will likely improve with cellaring, even after 1 year.

Hello Kent!

So, How would you compare this with your rather fun Esoterica PN 08? That had hints of toast, good dark flavours and still good acidity. Rounded, not austere PN, and while not as sophisticated as the Estate PN, definitely worth the money. Just had a tasting tonight with Klezman and some other friends, opposite a Fess Parker Bien Nacido 07 (big oak, cola, US style, but not hot and good acid), a disappointing Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post 06, and a 2000 Grand Cru Charmes Chambertin (Taupenot-Merme). While not quite up to the Burgundy (at under 1/5 the price that’s not surprising and unfair comparison), it was a good drink!

CURSE YOU WD! The Pinot section is over-full and the rest of the rack space is down to filling in individual vacancies … and you offer an auto-buy.

Here’s my plan of attack … 1) buy this wine, 2) go to amazon & buy another rack and that small under-counter cooler I’ve been covering for the kitchen, & finally, last but not least, 3) make some of my friends happy by bringing wine to all our events

I am once again condemned to Wootlegging (don’t tell anyone). Kent is still not on the Maryland list of licensed direct wine shippers. Total bummer. It’s made even harder now that just about every escalator in the WMATA system is non-functional.

Did anyone say auto-buy? Even though I still have a couple of signed bottles of the 2006 Carneros PN. Great price point!