Ramyb's Seasons

He forgot construction season.

Any woot staff onhand? Is this screen printed? I got the digital print of Transitions and was pretty unhappy on how it turned out.

I’m unhappy with all “designs” that ramyb has had printed. You’re not alone.

A year in a selection of shirts…and on that note, I’m letting the yawns win. Good night. Try not to tear the place down.

AHHHHHHH all trees on fire season is least favorite season

You must be from California.

Until recently, eastern Washington AKA the combustible part.

Washington, I think. I’m from California, though, and IIRC, the original sale happened after there was a major brush fire out this way.

Woot didn’t sell too many in California …

Yes, I can imagine they would have a few fires, there too. That is such a beautiful area (when it’s not burned).

It’s generally not that bad. But last year was sagebrushocolypse. Air quality was less than stellar.