Random 14" Dual-Core Windows 7 Laptops

I picked one of these up prior to last Christmas. Was a great Lenovo T series. A VERY nice computer in perfect refurbished condition. Barely worth the purchase price, but a way better risk than rolling the dice on any other site. I say “Go for it!”

What are the odds do you suppose that any or all of these laptops have HDMI-out?

A minimum of 2gb of ram? Awww, woot, you shouldn’t spoil folks so much. :wink:

I bought a factory reconditioned Lenovo T400 here last month, and it arrived broken in multiple ways - the battery wouldn’t charge, the hard drive had formatting issues, Windows wouldn’t boot. It’s under warranty, fortunately, but it has definitely scared me off refurbished/reconditioned machines. One problem with a machine is understandable, but having multiple major issues right out of the box is way beyond what I consider acceptable. The chances of my buying another refurbed machine are very low; the chances of my buying one without a warranty are zero.

They probably range from zilch to fo-sho. For $150, you could buy it and donate it to some small charity in your area and take the tax write off to find out. Win-win

At some point you have to wonder what “factory reconditioned” means. From your state experience, it’s little else beyond “putting it back in a box and selling it”

Don’t pull the trigger on these type of “deals” It’s very likely that you will end up with something that you could buy for 30-40 bucks cheaper.

Wonder which one is a worse deal, yesterday’s laptop ot today’s.

I bought one that ended up a dud and went the donate route-better return than a spin at the roulette wheel! Never gamble more than you’re willing to lose :wink:

So, ~5 months on from http://computers.woot.com/offers/random-14-dual-core-windows-7-laptops, and no drop in price? Not impressed… especially when I can get at least one of those models (the Dell D630, by the looks of it) for less than half that on eBay, and in better condition to boot.

Just sayin’…

If it sounds to good to be true or a fool and his money are soon parted. Still true today.

Nice idea the tax write off would only be $10 na

I saw that they were “business-class” machines after posting that, so I doubt that they do.

My guess slim to none. The specs identify the laptop as being well in the obsolete range. Don’t get it.

Worth it just for Win 7. Make a DVR out of it and plug it in full time.

Most likely an emachine, or a white Dell.

Charities just love receiving “dud” items. That was so… charitable of you.

No odds available. Coin toss or Rock-Paper-Scissors is the best we can offer.

I dont understand these kinds of sales…

Atleast with a BOC your going to overpay for a rubix cube and pencil case, you might get some irrational enjoyment from opening the box and playing with a crappy toy.

But a “random” laptop? How do you sell a bunch of $100 laptops for $150. Put them on woot I guess.

maybe if there was a history of people ordering this and reliably getting laptops worth more than $150… but I dont see that anywhere.