Random 14" Dual-Core Windows 7 Laptops

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Random 14" Dual-Core Windows 7 Laptops
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Sep 09 to Monday, Sep 14) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Comments from the One of the first ones of these

Not these again.

Yep, again.

Maybe for a Linux install…

Kinda want to jump on one of these, but didn’t they just sell out at an $80-90 price point?

Which is what I would use it for, if I decided to get one.

That was the random desktops.

I picked one up last week when they offered. I was sent a laptop that I could of got on ebay or amazon from authorized refurbisher for $39.
take a pass…

These could be fine Linux machines. I also usually do a good bit better on eBay for the price. The 90 day warranty has a value not found on eBay but other conventional vendors offer 1 year warranties. If the pricing were a bit lower it would be a bit more fun. But one could still get a fine Ubuntu or Puppy or Peppermint or Fedora rig for a hundred and a half without bidding. Still, I think this kind of offering is fun but it needs a better price.

yeeaaah, I’ll take a pass. random bags of crap are great, random crappy computers, not so much.

Dell Latitude D630 14.1-Inch for 96.- at amazon

Even worse than the piece of crap computers is they are refurbished, so you are bound to have problems, right out of the box.

It’s always fun to read the comments, though.

Go ahead and take your chance.
I triple dog dare you.

That one comes with WinXP instead of Win7 however.

Garbage. Not a surprise.

I bought one of these during the last offer, which was just last month…here are my results:

  1. I got an HP Compaq 6910p laptop, which came out in 2007. So it was a 8 year old laptop.
  2. It came with Windows 7 32-bit (even though the sale claimed at a minimum I would get 64-bit). This didn’t bother me as much (see point #5).
  3. The power cord would not provide power to the laptop at all, so I could not turn it on. Luckily I had another HP laptop with a compatible power cord.
  4. Using the good cord, the laptop would turn on, but the battery would not charge. I have tried three different cords now, all provide power to use the laptop, but none charge the battery.
  5. I bought this knowing I would be wiping it clean for Linux. The latest Ubuntu installed with ease, and it runs it pretty darn well. I tried to install CentOS but it kept failing and I didn’t want to spend the time to troubleshoot.
  6. I ordered it on August 25, and it arrived at my door on September 2. So it took just over a week to arrive. Came from Carrollton, TX.

I’ll probably get this thing configured for remote access, plug it in and stick it in a storage room out of sight, and only open it if something goes wrong. Otherwise it will live its life in darkness as a laptop I can remote into from afar.

I will say in their defense, Woot offered an RMA return for it for a refund. I opened a ticket with them just to see if I could get a new power cord. They didn’t have a replacement, so offered a full refund. It was my choice to keep it, since I eventually got it to power on.

Dell Latitude E6400 14" Laptop 2.53GHz/4GB/250GB Wireless Windows 7 Office Suite for $114.99 w/free shipping.

A better deal on dual-core laptops available here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/391219091515

(sold a ton of these already and nothing but good feedback on them!)

Don’t take the chance. We did, power supply, fan and a bunch of other things wrong with it. This is one deal that isn’t a deal.

I’ve already recycled all my Core 2 era stuff and even my trusty IBM T410. They all had issues of some sort (usually display and power). Computer hardware this old just isn’t that reliable.