Random 2-Pack

Shipping kills it.

What a rip-off. I just paid $2 each last week, and they are already 25% cheaper?

I take it that “premium” brand is AA?


I agree ugh. Oh well, in for a couple more because of the kids packs. Would have been nice not to pay shipping twice. Especially since the individuals were limited to 3 but the packs are 15? What gives?

Newer loose stock versus older pre-packaged 2-pack stock.

(FWIW, all are limited to three now, probably because of Wooters like me.)

I can’t complain about the prices at all, since my local Salvation Army starts at $3.99 and some other thrift stores variable price t-shirts (by brand/condition) even higher.

I sure wish Woot! would offer some larger options. Son-in-law is a super big guy and I buy shirts for everyone except him. Make some 5X sizes available and I will stock up!!!

My question is, since the $2 shirts said printed shirts and this says 2 pack shirts with the color saying random, are these just plain t shirts with different colors or are there designs on them.

They are printed. :slight_smile:

Why were there no men’s 2XL or 3XL 2-packs available, but I can order individual random shirts in those sizes?

The 2-packs are prepackaged as such and were separately inventoried.

After shipping the price isn’t 3.99 though, so it isn’t a comparison

Used vs. new, non-woot vs. woot …

Love all of my Randoms! Really wish I had bought the limit now.

bought 3 2-packs. Out of 6 random shirts - got 3 of one type (bad design -and not in the “so bad its good” sense), 2 of another (mediocre design) and one decent design. Gambled and lost…

One Wooter’s “bad” is another Wooter’s “great”. What did you get specifically?

(Another Wooter complained about getting triplicates … and I offered $20 for the 3 … which they still haven’t responded back to me on. Grrr.)

True - hard to have an objective value. 3 green shirts with kittens in a Christmas tree, 2 red shirts with “taco is short for spectacolar”

Cat Tree

What brand/size?

AA - L