Random AA Printed Tee 2-Pack

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Will these all be purple or some dumb color since they only have certain AA blanks these days?

will both random shirts be the same or are they different?

Well, worst case scenario I get some nice shirts to wear around the house or as undershirts… $4-$5 a piece is about as low as you can go for decent quality blank shirts the way it is. Best case scenario I get two shirts I like and run around outside telling everyone.

Random = chosen without method or conscious decision

If they made a conscious decision to make them different, then they would’t truly be random. No guarantees, friend.

This is swell and all, but I still haven’t received the random shirts I ordered the last time they had 2-packs on Feb 26th.

LIMIT 15!!!

They really want these gone and I have a feeling Narfcake will help the cause.

That’s like 1 shirt for every day of the month!

I know a guy who would appreciate that. He piles his clothes up, when they are dirty and buys new, instead of doing laundry. Maybe I should point him in this direction. :slight_smile:

Also, "You read that right, American Apparel - so shut your pie-hole and buy!!"

sniff. It’s like that was written just for me. :slight_smile:

Well, I helped a bit …

I only bought 2 week’s worth. :slight_smile:

I do have over a month’s worth of shirts by some artists. Well, in one case, I have that many (+), but it wouldn’t last a month because of my dog’s habits.

I’ll give the AA shirts some love. Got my two from the last random pack. At least they were two I had not received before.

When the washing machine apocalypse hits, you will be one of the lone survivors.

A bathtub can work as a wash tub too.

FWIW, I separate my shirts into 4 different laundry loads:

  • Lights, hang dry.
  • Mixed/darks, hang dry.
  • Mixed, dryer dry.
  • Ramy shirts, because my dog keeps licking/drooling/slobbering on them.

I added 7 shirts to that last basket just this past weekend, so it’s probably time to do that load. I should post a post-wash/dry comparison pic too, as it’s a mix of AA/Anvil/NLA shirts.

Wow, I must admit I’m disappointed. I didn’t expect them to be misprints. Granted, I can sleep in them, but imho, leftovers aren’t faulty. Live and learn, I guess.

Got my twin pack. Was pretty pleased. I got Owlgebra and Essential Element