Random AA Printed Tee

Hopefully this clears out all of the minion shirts so I can start buying randoms again!

Sold out already?

It looked sold out several hours ago but now suddenly I am able to place an order…only three per customer though. ha! I’m greedy, I bought them all in my size. Sorry, family!

almost 6am EST here and in stock, fyi…

I’m in for 6. If they suck, I’ll give them to some bum in New Orleans. They will be fresh for at least that day.

what is the difference between AA shirt and standard? Both have regular and premium options.

You can learn more about our two shirt blank options by checking out the size chart linked in the product descriptions.

Hmmmm, placed an order for 3 AA shirts, when went back and ordered 3 standard shirts, but was charged a second $5 for shipping… What happened to $5 ships all day? Can I cancel both orders and reorder to save the extra $5? Thx

$5 ships all day only applies during Woot-offs. The $5 shipping per cart has been around for several years already.

That must have started when you sold out to Amazon. Need to go back to $5 a day unless y’all are so fast that you ship the first order before the second order is made but I’ll never believe that.

Placing separate orders at other sites doesn’t mean your shipping gets combined either, so I don’t understand your argument. I’m not staff; a question was asked, so I answered.

Prior to implementing the shopping cart, shipping was $5 per item order on Woot – even during woot-offs. Shirt.woot was the exception, in which the shipping was rolled into the price already. Randoms used to be $6.66 each, limit 3.

The sizing chart doesn’t say anything about what a double a t-shirt is versus just a regular t-shirts meaning not an AA t-shirt. Thanks if you could clarify that would be appreciated.

I could be wrong, but I think AA stands for American Apparel. It is a higher quality shirt than the standard.

[VMod edit: You are correct.]

So, the sales page says “now with sleeves”. Does that mean these are long sleeve, or was that just a typical woot joke?

Last week’s sale were tank tops.

These are still just short sleeve shirts.

If we buy more than one, are they all the same?

I’m not staff, so I have no idea how it’s being packed/shipped this time around. In the past, they were prepackaged, so randoms were NOT guaranteed to always be different.

IMHO, at this price, there’s little downside to purchasing 3. You can always trade or sell what you dislike afterwards too.

They are packaged in opaque bags, so there’s no guarantee that there will not be duplicates. Such is the nature of randoms.

I assume that the $11 shirts won’t be included in this promotion? Just the cheapest ones?

Anyone had experience with this offer or one similar who could shine a light on this?

Why so many sentences ending in (?) from me?