Random Anvil Blank - 3-Pack

Thankfully these are printed blank to order

Most of my printed Anvil shirts are pockmarked with small holes after just a few washings… why would you want to buy BLANKS? Is the grunge look coming back?

At least when they had the plain Hanes/FotL shirts years back they were higher quality AND cheaper.

Yep. And even when I was fat, AA fit better. Now these Anvils are like muumuus.

But at $5.05 per shirt, they are at least priced right this time. :wink:

Hmm, bit last time and got 3 royal blue…

Aannnd…It’s lunch time at Shirt.Woot HQ. Did anyone remember the Kosher meal I ordered?

If they are selling these blanks, does that mean they are trying to get rid of them to make room for switching back to AA?

I haven’t bought a shirt since the change over to Anvil shirts, I assume they stuck with Anvil since?

that’s what I was thinking and hoping

There was a brief period where purchasers were given a choice between AA and Anvil, but it apparently wasn’t successful enough to continue.

All right, thanks for answering. I honestly haven’t even been back to shirt.woot since my last purchase (which was 3 randoms in May 2012) which were the last of the AA printed shirts as far as I knew. Only stopped in today because I’ve never seen a shirt.woot-off so I was just sort of watching out of interest.

And they never had a shirt I wanted during that period.

Well, they did but it was a side deal so no option for AA.

“Random Anvil Blank - 3-Pack … 100% left.” Bahahahahaaa.

At the very least, this precursor indicates that Anvil may be on the way out as the main supplier. They wouldn’t sell off the main ingredient if they intend to keep using it.

I do hope that if new custom collar tags are in order, they will now be fully compliant with the FTC.

Please be this!