Random Anvil Printed Tee 2-Pack


Random Anvil Printed Tee 2-Pack
Price: $6 - 9
Shipping Options:: $0 Standard OR $5 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Oct 23 to Friday, Oct 24) + transit
Condition: New


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The shirt crate coupon won’t work on this? (buying two, so it is over $15)

I had to contact customer service to use my coupon on another woot off item (they gave me the discount after I had placed my order). I think they deactivated the code since they were all the same.

What is Anvil?

Anvil is the company that makes the shirt blanks we regularly use.

They sure are geniuses at customer service, aren’t they? First, they screw up the school crate horribly. Then, they actually manage to mollify everyone by increasing the coupon value to $20, only to turn around and troll everyone again by reducing the amount. Then, they deactivate the code so you can’t even use it? Why do I even bother anymore? I just want to use the darn thing and be done with Woot forever. Seeing as this coupon is so valuable, it was included as part of the $25 value of the crate, I want to use it so that the crate isn’t even more worthless than it already is.

Sigh, I went to purchase this using my shirt crate coupon and it doesn’t work. I know that this isn’t on the shirt woot site, but it is brought to us by shirt woot, so why doesn’t this work?

I’m not going to purchase it paying full price just to wait for a credit later. >_<

edit: also, i should note that the coupon isn’t deactivated, it just isn’t working on this purchase seemingly because its only supposed to work on shirt woot.

I’m curious, why is a Kid’s Size 4, $8?

Is there a special adorable machine to make the tiny ones?

I have keep telling myself not to be tempted by the random shirts, I already got some on the shirt!woot page earlier.

Crapword puzzle? Who is playing crapword puzzle? Sounds like an even bigger waste of time.

I was able to use my School Crate shirt.woot coupon on this deal when it was offered a couple hours ago. Odd you can’t use one now.

Let me know when American Apparel t-shirts are used. Anvil t-shirts are made for overweight hillbillies; the shirts are wider than they are tall.

Oh, ok, thank you!

And American Apparel shirts are made for skinny hipsters?
The last AA shirt I got was sewn incorrectly and the left side seam was around the belly button region if you laid it flat.

I’d consider it, if my shirt coupon were working AND if the size 4 shirts weren’t more than the size 6 shirts.
Not sure my toddler NEEDS any more $4 tees.

This is the truth. Case closed. Everyone can move on now that I’ve spoken.

Unless you have boobs. I put on an XL AA shirt and I look like I’m trying to find a date. The Anvil shirts I can wear a large without stretching the image across my chest.

Plus I’m tall. So in AA I would often flash my stomach just by moving, Anvil doesn’t give me that problem.
So it’s really not all about overweight hillbillies.

has anybody’s order shipped yet? mine still shows status as ‘preparing for shipment’ and the next line down states ‘ships in 1-2 business days.’ I think we’re well past that time frame now.