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gotta pass on the jacket

see amazon

So… the “Deercon Sportsman’s Scent Dispenser with Replacement Pads” is a product designed to make your clothes smell like DEER PISS?

Wow, the things people will do for a little meat and a pair of antlers.

Re: Prince tennis racket.

Fault! Grip sizes are 1/2/3. Methinks you entered quantity values, not grip size ones.

Second serve…

Fair complaint, but here’s how Prince seems to break down their grip size:
Grip Size Measurement
Size 1 4 1/8"
Size 2 4 1/4"
Size 3 4 3/8"
Size 4 4 1/2"
Size 5 4 5/8"

Interesting, thanks. No wonder they went belly up.

In regards to the Sierra Designs Summit Lite Backpack: something is wonky about the listed volume of this pack. Clearly it’s bigger than 2.1 cubic liters, and 2.1L does not equal 2181 cubic inches (instead, 2.1L = 128 cubic inches).

On another site this pack is listed as 1281 cubic inches, which equals 21L. From the looks alone this seems more accurate.

At 9oz it’s a great weight for either an ultralight peakbagging pack, or a super lightweight pack to throw in your luggage for travel purposes. Either way, Sierra Designs makes great backpacks, and this one is probably well worth the $17.

just wanted to add for future reference (and hoping Woot staff will correct) that there is NO waist belt on this, which kinda bums me out, since I really dig them even on small packs. also the closure of the top of the bag is a velcro that closes the top, with straps to fold it over; there is not a drawstring to cinch it up, which is style I would have preferred (probably at expense of a little weight and cost)