Random Bag of Crap


What was included in it last time?


you know… stuff


There is a thread with pictures of each bag.
Last one had a camera bag, a book called Dear Valued Customer, You Are A Loser. Some i pod stuff, that luckily my kids could use.
Usually if you wanted and can use one thing you get your moneys worth.
That was the regular bag. Some people got other stuff.

If you find the original thread for any bag oc and look at the last pages, it will tell you what people got.


It’s true – once I heard people were getting Microsoft Optical Mice, I was really, really, really hoping that my accidentally clicking “I Want One” instead of “I Want Three” would result in me magically getting the mouse as my one, cause I REALLY needed a new mouse…

Lo and behold, I managed to get three craps for my one dollar spent, and one of those craps was a mouse! I was so damn happy you wouldn’t believe it! So believe me, hope is out there…

Here is the page from the latest BOC (NOT the woot-off one):
Where people starting receiving their craps…
And the best of the best craps verified…

In that Bag Of Crap, people got xBox360s, surround sound systems, and a few other things. In the past, one person got a 61" HDTV! So best of luck!


Semi-edit: Apparently you can’t even write out the words “B A G O F C R A P” without them getting to changed to Blinged-Out Cabbage. That’s kind of disappointing.


bag of crap


bag**** of crap
bag of crap
bag of crap
baggie of crap
ziploc of crap


Mr. qwertyuiop001, where have you been?




Back for a while or just temporarily?


For a couple more hours, at least.


are you going to the woot convention?


Away on pleasure or business?


Uh… what woot convention?

Not likely, unless it’s here.


where is here?

where are you?


Does it matter?


Yes. With one you could potentially be having some fun.


Who say’s you can’t have fun at work?


I don’t know exactly where you are. Georgia or something?

Right here.


Well, do you have fun at work?