Random bags instead of order?

Has anyone been receiving bags with a random flower print instead of the ordered Woot Print? I sent a email to customer service but ive gotten 3 bag like this. Is it just me? Is there an issue with the printer I missed?

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Let’s see if @ThunderThighs can look into it.

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Hi there. It could be a set up error on our end. What did you order?

One of the duffles and 2 tote bages. I actually got both the correct and incorrect totes but just the wrong duffle. It alls the same print so I assume its the sample pattern?

Pattern for duffle should be happy trees and totes were fragile and beholder xmas bags

Ok, let me ask the shirt team.

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Yep, I was afraid this was going to happen, but the 3rd party assured me it hadn’t…glitch in the matrix! Can you please request a replacement through customer service so we can get you the correct print shipped out? Thanks!

Done. Thanks for your follow-up.

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Sorry to be a bother but I haven’t heard anything from CS since the 17th. Any other contacts I should try?

Ordered a duffle beginning of Dec, got sent a completely random, non woot pattern. Contacted customer service and finally heard from them today that can’t send a replacement but they’ll let me keep the random thing they sent me and give me a whole $10 back (duffles are over 40 so that’s a totally insulting offer). Now I have to ship this thing back just to get a refund. Totes are the same supplier so be prepared to be disappointed there too.

Not blaming the forum staff you all are great but between this, pealing shirts and reduced styles they don’t make it easy on you.

Hi there. Sorry, I thought this was resolved so I closed the topic. Just reopened it. Let me reach out to the shirt team again.

Wanna just DM me your order number and items you still need replacements for please? I’ll get you replacements sent, for reelz.

Sometimes CS doesn’t realize that we can issue replacements because these items are made to order, so there is no real “inventory” as such.