Random Bill Blass Writing Instruments – 2 Pack

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New Random Bill Blass Writing Instruments - 2 Pack, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
2 different products:[list][] 1x Bill Blass 3 Pen Set Grenaider (BB0189) or Aero (BB0169)
] 1x Bill Blass Pen and Pencil Set Normandie (BB0151) or Beacon (BB171)
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]Single-click comparison for this product[/list]These seem to be available for $19.99 on Overstock (BB0169 BB0189 BB0151 (silver or blue) BB0171 (white or blue or plum))

There are a fair quantity of “Bill Blass” pens on eBay but I’m not sure if they are genuine, and these particular models does not seem to be sold there anyway.


These look pretty cool. Good name.

padBill Blass Pen Set

Pen Set Includes:

-Mini Pen

-Rollerball Pen

-Mechanical Pen

-Ballpoint Pen

-Rollerball Refill

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

BB 0020-1padRegular price: $39.95padSale price: $34.95pad

Bill Blass stuff get’s good reviews on Buzzillions. But I can’t find any pens.

Thanks, but I have a personal scribe for taking down all my notes.



Who is Bill Blass?

I don’t like .9mm lead, I like .5, so sorry not this time woot.

I’m in for 2, thanks Woot!
These will make great gifts for x-mas

.9mm pencil lead? Ick.

First sucker: jpseitz
Speed to first woot: 0m -13.-267s

Negative 13secs? How?

I pretty much only use erasable pens… And free ones.

Pens for christmas. some grandson, nephew, etc… is going to be very dissappointed. But good for dads!!!

wow searched them online and a set goes for like $40 thi sis a steal!

I’ll stick with my Zebras.

Hey, they had something similar almost two years ago. heh.


Please don’t give this to me for Christmas. You know I only desire the Sansa mp3 player beneath my tree.

.9 ??? Your kiddingg… =/ that will be a hard pencil to refill.

From his Wikipedia page…

Don’t know what kind of a writer he was but I guess he was a good fashion designer

Hey! pretty cool pens. Cheap Christmas gift for my boss…