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Random Crap
$1.00 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Crappy

Product List:

  • 1 Random Crap

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finally! i’m in!


finally! i’m in for 3


finally! i’m in for 3


As everyone struggles to buy one, almost no one comments…


Server is too busy @#$@!%


I wish it would just default to three…servers always so busy I can never get 1, skipping that step.

Edit: Woooo I got 1. Only 1 though. My “3” button wouldn’t work. At all. Still, woooo! :slight_smile:


How come it only bogs down when BOC appears? Don’t people refresh and do all that jazz for the other items hoping it’ll be the boc?



finally, it happens!


I couldn’t get 3, it wouldn’t let me, but I’m good with one. Got my e-mail and everything.


ditto, got the darn phrase when trying to post just now! stupid b o c


your servers seriously suck


In for 3! Bout damned time…only been about 2 years since my last BOC


order date item qty
24428637 9/24/2008 Random Crap 3 blog discuss



Oh, well. I didn’t even get to the order screen so I’m not too upset.


woohoo! in for 3! my first crap ever! :smiley:


DAMMIT to hell! Couldn’t even get one. Every time a BoC happens I can never get it. Server too busy bullshit!!!


Wow, it’s a lot easier to get one in the middle of the night.