Random carp

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Random Crap
$1.00 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Crappy

Product List:

  • 1 Random Crap

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w00t crap!

HELL YES!!! My third B.O.C!

Got that same javascript error trying to order 3. Oh well :frowning:

I ended up using elinks in Linux. TEXT-BASED Baby!


I just got 3 carps

3! my first carp ever and i got 3!

Yay i managed to get 3 using my own site!!

wow… i might actually have a chance in getting 3 of these.

… now why doesn’t woot just make the default 3 on these… instead of causing more server work with everyone choosing 3 at checkout.

what a horrible server… you guys seriously need to upgrade

Cant…Get IN!!!

i got a rock :confused:

Blast! Server busy :frowning:

No b.o.c. for me this time


didnt get one. damn dirty apes

Damn! Had the page, went to check out - SERVER BUSY!

got none

I’m ‘in line’ for one. Hopefully some newbie with bad credit gets bounced and I can slide in.

got none

I GOT CARP! I GOT CARP! It felt like it was never going to happen and my order confirm page never loaded but I got an email with crap! Dang Buy 2 and 3 buttons didn’t work but I didn’t let the greed get to me!


I got all the way to the “Buy It” button and I clicked it and it sent me back to the Main Woot page. AAAAHHHHH!!!

I was soooo Close!!!