Random carp

Chump - did you get in on either of the other 2 BOCS that followed this one? I missed out on the Dec Woot Off but I did get the Christmas Eve BOC.

Anyway - we check in to see how many you are going to wind up with and my family thinks that you will have a big surprise at the end of all this. But the Woot Gods are hysterical and I’m glad you have been a great sport about this!

Hang in there sweet pea! And let me know if you need my address to send one of those pods to :wink:

OH NO! That’s awful. I’m so sorry you have to be tortured this way :frowning: Sending good thoughts your way!

My Zune Adventure…

For anyone else on this zombie discussion, I had a fun ride with my refurb Zune 30 from this woot-off. It was DOA but appeared to be in good shape, so I asked another wooter if they would send me theirs to frankenstein a working zune.

A quick battery swap got the bad-boy working. Charged it up, added lots of content – poscasts, audiobooks. music, tv shows, etc. Next day, off to the train and… ka-blam battery dies in 20 minutes (from a full charge).

Another bad battery, thought I. So I dial up ebay, and buy a new battery. A few days later, I installed installed it and it sprung back to life. I give it a darn good charge and back on the train the next day. 20 minutes later I get a low-battery warning, so I power it off.

When I get to work, I read online that the charge and unit can get out of sync so the Zune needs to be reset. I do so, and when it comes back, I get the plug/battery icon thingy. I have no way to charge it. so it simply dies again. Unfortunately, no amount of charging will bring it back again, so back to paperweight status.

On a lark, and after a few beers, I decide to call Microsoft to see if there is anything they can do. The tech informs me that the warranty has expired (this I knew), but goes on to say it’s a common problem with the hardware and will need to be repaired. As I’m about to hang up, he asks if I got it recently. I tell him I did. He then tells me he’ll send a repair box and I should send it in with date of purchase. A few days later I get the box, and in it goes the Zune and my Woot receipt with a note that the random “box” contained the Zune.

So I wait. And not optimisticlly, either.

Today, I get an email stating that my service request is complete and they will let me know when it ships back. I again assumed they would reject repair and I would simply get back a broken Zune. To my great surprise, however, I checked the status online, and my warranty information changed from expired to 1 year, ending 12/15/2009.

I’m either getting a repaired or new (refurb), Zune! And if it gets wonky in the next year, I’m covered as well. Either way, if I keep it or drop it back on eBay, I just got a whole lot more value out of this.

Thanks, Woot!

Woot! Nice!

Although I tried to get someone to send me a dead zune, well… more like I asked 20 people, but no one came back positive D:

Oh well, would’ve been nice but I’m happy to get what I have gotten!

Happy New Year!

i tried but failed on both of the recent bocs
i received another 3 boxes earlier this week. that puts me up to 34 machines now. i’ve gotten rid of about 20 of them so far. made a couple quick bucks and hoping to put the money towards a new tv, since i had my hopes set on one :slight_smile:

ebay ebay ebay.

I still think you are going to get a surprise when the coffee pods stop coming. I check every day to see if you’ve posted any new news. Please don’t leave me hanging, I don’t know if I can go thru the rest of my life not knowing :wink:

Come On Woot Gods - the man has been patient and such a great sport. How can you send a letter with the box and get his hopes up at Christmas! What if he wasn’t a coffee drinker? What if he had no coffee drinking friends. Oh the tragedy of it all.

BTW Chump - so far on the BOC thread from Christmas Eve no one has claimed a letter.

Hang in there

I hope you are checking all of the coffee makers boxes’ and making sure no letters are in the boxes itself. You never know what woot is capable of doing !!! By the way, how much are you selling the coffee makers for? I may be interested in purchasing 1 ?
What is the new count up to as of today ? I think this is so funny !!!

I check every couple days for updates on the coffee maker saga as well. I hope something spectacular comes in the end.

I too check nearly every day for you Chump.

Hang in there man, you’re being a great sport.

Charging my NEW, yes, new replacement Zune as I write this – not even a referb.


got another box yesterday
3 more today

up to 42 coffee makers now

Wow…talk about the gift that keeps on giving. This is one of WOOT’s better pranks. I can’t resist checking here to see what the final tally will be :slight_smile: You’re a great sport, Chump!!

This is just unbelievable. I wonder how many you will end up with and for how long this is going to go on. You are checking the all the coffee maker boxes for letters…right?
Keep us posted…

Wow. Crazy. If you’re struggling to rid yourself of them, I’d take one off your hands. Shot in the dark, but PM me if you’re interested. I have woot shirt you may be interested in trading…

I’ve been asking since the first post - good luck LOL.

I am willing to pay money for one !!!
PM me if you want to sell one…

tangee, from what I have read, you have had a rough time lately. I cant find the post that actually states what happened but read some comments. What page is it on? From one cat lover to another, I would buy you a coffee maker. You just deserve it in my book. I volunteered at a no kill shelter for 10 years and have 7 kids of my own. They range from my youngest at 10 years old to my oldest at 15 then a litter of 4 at 14 years old then one in the middle. I just loves cats, they are great and then to top off everything else, you kinda got screwed on your BOC this time around. I truly hope you get to score a good one next time, as for me…my computer must be to slow b/c I am one of the unlucky ones and get servers to busy…oh well !!! There is always a chance in my next life since I may get 9 lives !!!

How sweet are you? Thanks for the offer but just keep paying it forward with the furbabies I don’t even drink coffee. L&O&L I was offering to buy one for Chump for my husband.

I don’t know if you looked at the website for the cat mauser wilson (mauserwilson) on Myspace but she is doing awesome! She loves the new cat tree and every day plays more and more with her brother and sister. Her fur is growing back - kinda slow tho how long does it take for a cat who’s shaved to get her full coat back do you know? They are getting so used to being indoors that 2 of them are actually shying away from open doors now.

Thank you for your sweet generosity and thank you for loving cats! It’s so funny how they have their own personalities. I’d love to see photos of yours feel free to email me at gmail dot com using my handle here.

This is actually on the thread for koi from the Christmas Eve BOC

I still check in here for Chump D: Any new boxes?